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Outraged By Kids In Cages? Look At Our Entire Juvenile Justice System.

On any given day there are approximately 50,000 juveniles being held in American correctional facilities. / Christian Science Monitor via Getty Images

  • How American Juvenile Justice Lost Its Way
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Cara H. Drinan, HuffPost To stay on top of important articles like these, sign up here to receive the latest updates  <> from all reader supported Evergreene Digest 6/24/2018 | Last week, the nation witnessed an abrupt reversal from the White House. After claiming for days that he did not have the authority to address the family separation crisis at the border, President Donald Trump appeared to do just that with the stroke of a pen.

Trump has purportedly put an end to the family separation policy, but he has also created a host of new issues to resolve. How and when will nearly 2,500 migrant children be reunited with their parents? How and where will families be detained together going forward? Even as these legal questions are being resolved, there is a persistent sense of outrage among most Americans.

Cara H. Drinan, Guest Writer, HuffPost, is a Law Professor at the Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. and author of The War on Kids: How American Juvenile Justice Lost Its Way.

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America's Mass Incarceration Crisis Begins in Its Schools, Naveen Kumar, Vice via HBO

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