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Overcoming Voter Suppression

  • With midterm elections 20 days away, it’s never been more important to expose voter suppression efforts—and to overcome them.
  • Check out this page from the ACLU for resources around knowing your rights and responding to voter intimidation.
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The Progress Report, Center for American Progress

October 17, 2018 | Voter suppression has shamefully become a mainstream Republican Party tactic targeting low income communities and communities of color and justified with thoroughly-debunked propaganda about widespread voter fraud. The increasingly GOP-aligned Supreme Court has already gutted the Voting Rights Act and given states the green light to purge voters from the rolls. Now, they seem poised to further institutionalize attacks on voting rights.

Just last week, the Court upheld a North Dakota law requiring voters to bring proof of residential address in order to vote. The catch? Rural tribal lands are “typically without named and numbered roads” and do not have residential addresses; the law specifically aims to suppress Native American voting and effectively disenfranchises almost 1 in 5 otherwise eligible Native voters.

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Five Truths About Voter Suppression, Connor Maxwell and Danielle Root, American Progress An election official checks a voter's photo identification at an early voting polling site in Austin, Texas, February 2014. AP/Eric Gay

The strength of American democracy depends on the ability of citizens to express their fundamental right to vote. Instead of pursuing the myth of voter fraud and encouraging tougher restrictions on voting, the Trump administration should work to fight voter suppression and expand the electorate.

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