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The people need to take down Trump. Not the Deep State*800/3+x+2+pussy+hats+women+march+trump.jpg

Protesters at the 2017 Women's March in Washington, D.C John Minchillo  / Associated Press / File

  • Trump is clearly the most dangerous and most unqualified president America has ever had. If the worst suspicions about his performance as POTUS or as a candidate are indeed confirmed, the impeachment and removal of the 45th president could be warranted. That would solve America's Donald Trump problem. But it wouldn't solve America's much bigger problems -- the ones that created the Trump administration in the first place. And that worries me. 
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Will Bunch, Philadelphia (PA) Daily News Now you can follow Evergreene Digest on Twitter. February 15, 2017 | I fell asleep last night to the sounds of a media frenzy, as a wave of bombshell revelations in the Mike Flynn/Trump/Putin scandal had frothing cable TV pundits in full "All the President's Men"/what-did-the-president-know-and-when-did-he-know-it mode. By the time I woke, #TrumpImpeachmentParty was trending on Twitter. Did I mention that Donald Trump has been president of the United States for only 26 days?

Anyway, despite the lack of better offers, I'm going to hold off on my ticket to the #TrumpImpeachmentParty for now.

For one thing ... President Mike Pence? That said, it's clear that Congress, our investigatory agencies and probably a special prosecutor (I hear Sally Yates is available these days) clearly need to determine the extent that Russia fu ... er, meddled in our 2016 election, whether Trump aides had either knowledge of or active involvement in Putin's schemes, and whether the president himself knew what was happening.

Will BunchPhiladelphia (PA) Daily News Columnist

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What Americans Really Believe, Roger Smith, The Washington Spectator image:Edel Rodriguez

My hope is that this presentation of the underlying views of a majority of Americans will enable readers to oppose the false prophets of further accommodation with the right, and to arm themselves with the knowledge that time, demographics, and the American people are on the side of progressives. Reconciling the views of Americans with how they vote I will have to leave to others.