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Petition: Demand Congress End Teen Homelessness

  • 40% of America’s homeless youth are LGBT.[1]
  • Abandoned and abused young LGBT kids

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November 2, 2017 | The facts are heartbreaking:

Hundreds of thousands of our children have no homes.

 They’ve been abandoned, rejected by their families, and left to live on the streets alone.

 They’ve done nothing wrong. It’s simply because of who they are.

 Once on the street, LGBT teens are in a fight for their lives. With nowhere to turn, they are easy targets of physical abuse and sexual exploitation. Roughly 58% of homeless gay or trans teens have been sexually victimized.[2]

 All too often, our shelters report LGBT kids appearing with stab wounds, bruises, bullets wounds, and extreme sexual trauma.

 It’s no surprise 62% of homeless LGBT youth attempt suicide.[3]
Sign our Petition: Demand Congress address teen homelessness.

Even our government has abandoned these children.

For over a year, we’ve been waiting for Congress to pass critical legislation that would stop shelters from discriminating against LGBT kids.

 And while extremists in Congress drag their feet, our children continue to be exposed and vulnerable. 

We need to step up.

 Every day Congress ignores this problem, thousands of homeless LGBT youth are put in danger.

 Sign on right now to DEMAND Congress end teen homelessness. They need you. DEMAND Congress end teen homelessness.

Please, act now. The lives of LGBT youth hang in the balance.

Equality PAC 

Equality PAC is the political arm of the LGBT Equality Caucus. Our mission is simple: Elect pro-LGBT candidates to higher office. By elevating pro-Equality leaders to every level of government, our Equality movement works to ensure that our democracy better reflects the diversity of the American people and the strength of our inclusive values.


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