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To the Point: Bid for Amazon HQ Should Reflect Minnesota's Interests

  • Even if Amazon does come to Minnesota, along with the jobs and economic boost there would also be serious negative impacts from the project.
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John Marty, Apple Pie Alliance October 13, 2017 | As a consistent critic of corporate subsidies, I had a mixed reaction to Amazon’s request for bids to attract their proposed second headquarters.

The promise of up to 50,000 high paying jobs is incredible; something no state would ignore. But nobody knows whether those jobs will actually materialize. Businesses often promise the moon to gain handouts from taxpayers as is evident in Wisconsin’s massive subsidy to Foxconn.

John Marty is a Minnesota state senator. 

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Foxconn Comes to Wisconsin: A Bad Deal for Workers and the Environment, Willis and Jacob Druker, Socialist Alternative

  • exchange for $3 billion from the state government, electronics giant Foxconn will build a massive factory in Wisconsin.
  • What’s good for big business is good for the rest of us. Right?

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