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This Political Hell was Created by Rigged Primaries and Horrible Establishment Candidates, Not “Protest Votes”

  • The only way I will ever accept my choice being called a protest vote is if establishment Democrats acknowledge the primary was insurmountably rigged on Clinton’s behalf.
  • Buck the Establishment

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July 11th, 2018 | With the outrage over separating families at the border and the prospect of another conservative Supreme Court Justice, Clinton Pallbearers are once again pointing fingers at Sanders and Stein supporters. Never mind that Gary Johnson Voters (4.49 million)  far exceeded the Jill Stein Voters (1.46 million) in the general election and both establishment candidates generated another abysmal voter turnout with 45 percent not voting at all, the Clintonites primarily blame the “Bernie Bros” for her loss. Therefore, I felt the need to respond to the recently resurrected, all-too-simplistic challenge of whether I still feel good about my Stein “Protest Vote.”

Unequivocally, yes. It wasn’t a protest vote though. That is the establishment’s self-serving diminution of my vote’s meaning. It is my inalienable right to say with my vote who stood for my principles. Who I trusted with the immense power of running government. I refused to endorse either of the two evil candidates, let alone make the choice of the lesser of the two. Berman is an entrepreneur and former corporate banker at leading global banks in New York City. He now focuses on financial advisory services and writing about representative government, equitable public policies and ending American militarism and Israel’s continuing colonization of Palestine. He is the Co-Founder of Palestine 365, the Ongoing Oppression and its predecessor, Palestine 365.

Full story … enlighten others. Be sure to pass this on to friends and kin. We must break the system's  ability to lie with impunity.