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The Problem Isn’t Robots Taking Our Jobs: It’s Oligarchs Taking Our Power.

Ultimately, the better advice for workers seeking to avoid “disruption” is to become the agents of disruption themselves.

Adam Simpson, the Next System / Portside you are on a tight budget, don't contribute cash! Instead, contribute by forwarding articles to your friends (and non-Progressives too). And because we need help building our all reader supported Evergreene Digest community, you can invite your Facebook friends and Twitter followers to join us. That's a big help too. 23, 2019 | Each week workers are confronted with yet another article touting the threat of technology wiping out their jobs. A recent “60 Minutes” segment featured venture capitalist and author Kai-Fu Lee predicting that advances in artificial intelligence would “in 15 years displace about 40 percent of the jobs in the world.”

The message to workers is clear: the threat of obsolescence is real, so act accordingly. The advice of the World Economic Forum, the McKinsey Global Institute, and others, is that workers must “reskill” in order to have a livelihood available to them.

For workers, though, this advice is a trap. / Adam Simpson: Program Associate, The Democracy Collaborative

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