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Push puts Minnesota near goal of ending veteran homelessness.
Gallery: With the help of Housing Coordinator Genevieve Pelrine of Start Today Hennepin, Robert Kleen was able to get an affordable lease on a studio in downtown Minneapolis. Richard Tsong-Taataril - Minneapolis (MN) Star Tribune <>

  • A goal that once seemed unattainable — securing safe and stable housing for every veteran known to be homeless — is now within reach. 
  • State getting all vets off the street.
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Chris Serres, Minneapolis (MN) Star Tribune Related Star Tribune Stories

/ February 9, 2019 | A bitter, subzero wind lashed at their clothing as an aging couple and their small family of pets — three cats and a bulldog — emerged from a rusted Chevrolet Malibu packed to the ceiling with their belongings.

The couple, Mark and Marjorie Kray, had spent most of the past three years sleeping in their car, moving from highway rest stops to store parking lots on the outer edges of the Twin Cities. Bleary-eyed and cold, they braced themselves for disappointment as they entered a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs office in downtown Minneapolis.

Chris Serres covers social services for the Star Tribune.

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Homeless America ~ Chris Hedges, Chris Hedges, Truthdig / Rise Up Times


  •"I am the voice you never hear,
 If I spoke would you listen?"
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The market will not fix Twin Cities' affordable housing crisis. Carol Becker, Minneapolis (MN) Star Tribune Seattle skyline. / iStock

  • Developers are building new luxury units in the metro, but they are out of reach for most. Without subsidies, that math won't change. 
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