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Robert Redford on Trump: 'He's Our Fault'

  • The legendary actor-activist isn't going to spend time overanalyzing the president. He'd rather America look in the mirror.
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Michael Hainey, Esquire

Sep 13, 2017 | It's tempting to see Robert Redford as the golden boy. The guy who never had to sweat for it. The guy who got what he got because it was handed to him, because of his looks. The guy who, as the writer James Salter said of Redford at age forty, after he had carved out his extraordinary success, had the aura of a charmed life: “As if glancing at a menu, he was able to choose his life.”

The reality of Redford’s life, like the reality of anyone’s, is much more complex. The son of a milkman, he grew up in Santa Monica, California. He loved to play baseball and was offered an athletic scholarship to the University of Colorado, but at the end of his freshman year, just after his mother died, he was kicked off the team and asked to leave school. (“I lost my scholarship pretty quickly after I discovered drinking,” he once said.) Desperate to become a painter, he went to Europe to study but flamed out. He returned to New York and found his way into a theater company.* Michael Hainey, Executive Director of Editorial, Esquire

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From the Archives | We Are All Deplorables, Chris Hedges, Truthdig


  • Liberals have no moral authority to preach to a dispossessed white working class about racism, multiculturalism, identity politics or diversity. The abject failure by liberals to fight for economic justice triggered the protofascist backlash embodied by Donald Trump’s election victory.
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