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Of Rope-a-dope and Russian Roulette

How Joe McCarthy became Charlie McCarthy …

William Annett, Americn Logo 25, 2017 | The United States has 780 military and naval stations around the world. Russia has two (2). Our presence is protected by a naval force centered by a baker’s dozen or so of Presidential Class aircraft carriers, while the Russian Navy boasts one rickety aircraft carrier that not too long ago required a rescue vessel to give it a jump start or perhaps tow the bloody thing to port. President Trump, ever aware  of his stature as Commander-in-chief (with his Admiral’s cap loaded with fruit salad) in his proposed budget, boosted our flagging military spending (something like $1.2 trillion, counting intel services) by an additional $54 billion, in order to boost our defensive posture, which apparently is falling apart, while the best the Russians can commit amounts to – oh, perhaps  two or three times Vladimir Putin’s personal wealth. (That’s a guess because in Russia the President doesn’t have to release his tax returns. Besides, he doesn’t have any).

Isn’t that great?

William Annett writes four newsletters: The Canadian Shield, American Logo, Beating the Street, and The Oyster World. He has written six books, including a page-turner on mutual funds, a send-up on the securities industry, three corporate histories and a novel, the latter no doubt inspired by his current occupation in Daytona Beach as a law-abiding beach comber. 

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