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Seattle implemented a $15 minimum wage two years ago. Here's what Minneapolis could learn from that fight.

Whether a Minneapolis minimum wage ordinance should allow credits for tips earned divided dueling rallies April 17 in front of the Stadium Village Buffalo Wild Wings. Restaurant workers in the background confronted activists who oppose what they term a "tip penalty." MinnPost photo by Peter Callaghan

  • MinnPost talked to three key figures in Seattle's 2014 $15 minimum wage fight, not only to explore the similarities and differences with the current situation in Minneapolis, but to see what advice they might have for the players looking to craft a new ordinance here. 
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Peter Callaghan, MinnPost

04/25/17 | It’s tempting to look back at the first successful fight for a $15 minimum wage and figure it was inevitable: Seattle, 2014. Wealthy city. Booming city. Left-of-center politics. A large base of progressive activists.

But David Rolf, the president of SEIU 775 and one of the leaders of the drive to increase the minimum wage in the city to $15, said it was anything but a sure thing. “To start with, we were the first,” Rolf said last week. “We were in completely uncharted territory.”

Peter Callaghan covers local politics and government Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Twin Cities region.

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