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Series | A Nation Under Trump, Part 4 - Poverty issues gain traction in first year of Trump presidency

Volunteers with Catholic Charities' St. Maria's meals program in Washington serve dinner March 8 to people who are homeless. (CNS/Chaz Muth)

  • The Series: As the anniversary of Donald Trump's election as president of the United States approached, the NCR staff wondered if the calls to action that persisted immediately following the election remained as urgent.
  • Part 4: With united voice Christian groups fight cuts to safety-net programs

Heidi Schlumpf, National Catholic Reporter (NCR),

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Nov 3, 2017 | In the year since Donald Trump was elected U.S. president, Catholic Charities has seen a small decrease in the number of people served at its food pantries, medical and legal clinics, domestic violence shelters, afterschool programs and senior centers. This good news mirrors overall dips in poverty and hunger, as the U.S. economy continues to recover from the 2008 recession. 

Now for the bad news: The wealthy have recovered more quickly than poor and middle-class Americans, leading to widening income inequality; more Americans still face food insecurity than before the recession; some workers have dropped out of the labor force altogether; and decades-long income and wage stagnation persists, leaving more than 40 million Americans — more than one in 10 — in poverty. Schlumpf is NCR’s national correspondent, based in Chicago. She has three decades of experience covering religion, spirituality, social justice and women’s issues, and is the author/editor of three books, including Elizabeth A. Johnson: Questing for God (Liturgical Press, 2016).

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