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Series | No link between homeless villages and crime rates, Guardian review suggests.


D’Arion Daniel plays with ZyCorey in Othello Village, a village of tiny homes for homeless people in Seattle. Photograph: Jenny Riffle for the Guardian

  • Guardian study of two US cities finds crime is likelier to go down than up in neighborhoods that host city-sanctioned encampments.
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Thacher Schmid, the Guardian


Wed 23 May 2018 | They stood in a rainy parking lot under fir trees, 60 homeless men and women, young and old, patient and weary. The glow of a single lightbulb outside the “office” – a shack of plywood, duct tape and plastic sheeting – illuminated their faces. Outside in America is a year-long series on homelessness in the western US. The project focuses on people on the frontline of a devastating crisis and enables readers to take action to help solve the problem.

It was the 9pm check-in at a homeless village called Right 2 Dream Too in Portland, Oregon. The code of conduct was read aloud. Then the roll call began: one by one, people showed ID and stepped through the chain link fence, towards portable toilets, bedrolls, warmth, sleep and safety.
Thacher Schmid <> is a Portland (OR)-based journalist who writes about poverty and music.

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The love and kisses tour of J. Edgar Comey has put a smiling face on an agency known for hardball and duplicity.
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