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Special Project | Explained: The Way Forward on North Korea

Part 1: The North Korean Crisis: On the Brink of a Breakthrough or a Bust?
Part 2: A series of one-pagers that help explain what a strategy should look like
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Part 1: The North Korean Crisis: On the Brink of a Breakthrough or a Bust?

Monday, March 19, 2018 | The planned meeting between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un took the world by surprise. This diplomatic opening is a positive and necessary step forward toward addressing the nuclear threat from North Korea, but the upcoming diplomatic process—and especially the summit meeting—are a minefield for the United States and its allies. What does it all mean, what should the United States do now, and what comes next? For analysis on recent developments on North Korea, please join the Center for American Progress for an event with former senior government officials and North Korea experts.

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Part 2: North Korea poses a serious challenge to U.S. national security.

Monday, March 19, 2018The United States needs a proactive, comprehensive, and consistent strategy on North Korea—one that is led by diplomacy and bolstered by deterrence, pressure, and containment. While the United States has been dealing with this threat for decades, events often move quickly and unpredictably on the Korean Peninsula. With so much uncertainty over the future of U.S. policy on North Korea, the Center for American Progress has created a series of one-pagers that help cut through the noise and explain what a strategy should look like; outline specific recommendations for each component of the strategy—diplomacy, deterrence, and pressure; and sift through the myths surrounding the North Korea policy debate.

• The Way Forward on North Korea
• The Costs of Preventive War with North Korea
• The Case for Deterrence
• The Case for Diplomacy with North Korea
• Ramping Up Pressure to Contain North Korea
• Myths About North Korea

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  • In the West, treatment of North Korea is one-sided and ahistorical. No one even gets the names straight. But if American commentators and politicians are ignorant of Korea’s history, they ought at least to be aware of their own.
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