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Special Project | Trump's Sanctuary Cities Plan is Straight Out of Breitbart, Radical Right Playbook

Alex Amend, Southern Poverty Law Center January 26, 2017 | The aim is to pressure the many major cities and states that have already announced their unwillingness to cooperate with the administration’s increasingly hardline policies against undocumented immigrants. Because these communities have generally declined to task local law enforcement with enforcing federal immigration laws, they have come to be known as sanctuary cities.

For anyone familiar with Breitbart News under Stephen K. Bannon, it’s obvious that this new fear-mongering tactic comes straight from the playbook of the man who is now the chief strategist and senior counselor to the president. Bannon’s Breitbart has championed such hardline anti-immigrant ideas for years.

Alex Amend: Digital Media Director, Southern Poverty Law Center

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