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Special Report | Disability: Republican health plan undermines special education, too

School Classroom. Photo by David Spero/Gallery Stock

  • At a certain point, congressional Republicans stop looking like American policymakers and start looking like villains from a Dickens novel.
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Steve Benen, MSNBC "In the United States, the right to medical care remains a dream deferred." (Photo: Juhan Sonin/flickr/cc) 

05/04/17 | At first blush, it may seem counter-intuitive to think the Republicans’ regressive health care plan would affect education policy. It’s bad enough to realize GOP lawmakers are prepared to take away health care coverage for tens of millions of Americans, but if they’re going to target schools, they’ll have to do so in a different bill, right?

Wrong. The New York Times reports:

"With all the sweeping changes the Republican bill would impose, little attention has been paid to its potential impact on education. School districts rely on Medicaid, the federal health care program for the poor, to provide costly services to millions of students with disabilities across the country."

Steve Benen: Producer, The Rachel Maddow Show

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