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Special Report | Disability Rights Advocates Accuse Washington Post Of Perpetuating ‘Myths’ About Benefits

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  • Disability rights activists worry about the ammunition stories like the one in the Post could give to benefit-averse Republicans, who now control the White House and Congress.
  • They are perpetuating the same myths that have been debunked over and over again without regard for how misleading reporting can affect people with disabilities already living on the financial edge. --Rebecca Vallas, Center for American Progress
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Daniel Marans 04/22/2017 | Disability rights advocates and a leading Democratic think tank are livid at The Washington Post over a March 30 front-page story on the prevalence of disability benefits in rural America.

The newspaper claimed that “as many as one-third of working-age adults” in rural communities receive disability benefits. But as the Center for American Progress calculated ― and The Huffington Post confirmed by looking at the raw data ― that proportion holds true in only one county in the entire country.

Daniel Marans, Reporter, Huffington Post

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Special Project | Disability: Disabled, Shunned and Silenced in Trump’s America, Melissa Blake, New York (NY) Times 

  • I’m a woman. I’m physically disabled. And I’ve never been more scared than I am right now.
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