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Special Report | Syria debate

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April 8, 2017 | When news broke about the terrible gas attack this week in Syria, we turned to Hussein Amach, a Syrian economist who now lives in Madison, Wisconsin.

Amach made a heartfelt appeal to The United States government to stop looking the other way.

As Trump began bombing, we posted this piece by Idrees Ahmad, who welcomes the U.S. response, and takes progressives to task for wringing their hands about chemical attacks on civilians, while rejecting "any attempt to hold the perpetrators accountable." also posted this piece by Stephen Zunes denouncing Trump's "dangerous and illegal" attack and warning that it will be counterproductive.

Finally, our publisher Norm Stockwell digs deep into progressive history, reminding readers of this magazine's historic anti-interventionist positions, and explains why, on the anniversary of U.S. entry into World War I, we should be wary of arguments for war.

Ruth Conniff, Editor-in-chief, the Progressive

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