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Special Report | What You Never Knew About American Labor Unions


Anyone who’s been paying attention to the state of union membership in the United States knows that unions have seen a tremendous decline since the 1960s. Whether you’re for or against them, taking a look at the stories below there can be no doubt that unions are rapidly becoming a disappearing facet of American working life.

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Fall, 2017 |

Decline in Union Membership Has Matched the Decline in Middle-Class Wages
As union membership has fallen, so too has the ability of the working-class to negotiate competitive wages. The result is that with the dramatic decline of unions we have seen an equally dramatic increase of income inequality, with the richest one-tenth of one-percent of Americans now owning as much wealth as the bottom ninety-percent combined.

First, Let's Explore the Impact on Our Economy
Economists generally agree that extreme disparities in wealth and income are unsustainable in a capitalist economy. Indeed, America learned this lesson in the 1920s. Without a thriving middle-class that could afford to buy consumer goods which fuel corporate profits, the American economy became unsustainable.
Read more … Disparities In Wealth Lead To Extreme Disparities In Power
Extreme disparities in wealth strain a healthy democracy because it inevitably leads to extreme disparities in power. Just as we are living in an age of unprecedented wealth, we are also living in an age of unprecedented power. We can all feel it. The system seems rigged.

Extreme Disparities In Wealth Strain Our Democracy
There is no doubt that current disparities in wealth and income are wreaking havoc on our Democracy. Take a look around. Middle-class wages have stagnated for years. People are angry. Our country is divided. We are turning on each other.
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