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A Successful Economy Isn’t Just Capitalists Increasing Their Capital. (It’s Your Life, Improving.)


  • Why Americans Put the Success of Capitalism Above Their Own Lives Falling Apart
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umair haque, Eudaimonia and Co / Medium Daily Digest

October 12, 2018 | If I ask the average American, “how do you think the economy is doing?” they will probably talk to me about unemployment rates, GDP growth, stock markets, and so on. They might even refer, if they’ve got graduate or undergraduate degrees in related subjects, to notions like interest rates, zero lower bounds, budget constraints, and so forth. And I’ll also hear about “deficits” and “spending” and “profits.”

Now, all this is funny, sad, and a little tragic. Because what my average American won’t talk about are things which are the most necessary essential that impact the quality of his or her own life. The price of food. The cost of healthcare. The impossibility of retirement. The staggering burden of paying for an education. How are these things doing? Do you see the irony here? Let me make it more precise.*lI5-avJvcBbQDmA2.jpegumberhaque: vampire. Editor of Bad Words, Eudaimonia and Co, a book of nights, Leadership in the Age of Rage, and eudaimonia. Top writer in Culture, Economics, Leadership, Politics, Life, Relationships, Psychology, Love

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America's Real Economy: It Isn't Booming. Peter Georgescu, Forbes Holm, age 67, a Vietnam veteran is living at Transitions, a homeless recovery center in Columbia, SC in 2016. There are other aging veterans who are homeless and looking for work, but not finding it.  (Photo by Linda Davidson / The Washington Post via Getty Images)

  • If every employer in America came up with even just one modest step—higher wages, regular profit sharing, tuition reimbursement—to help workers spend and save more, the nation would begin to right itself economically. It needs to happen now. We’re running out of time.
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