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The Super Bowl Is Taking Over Minneapolis and Residents Are Mad as Hell

Residents are planning to protest Super Bowl LII when it comes to Minneapolis. (Gian Lorenzo Ferretti/Shutterstock)  

  • If the Host Committee really wants to leave a long lasting positive legacy in our communities, they must invest in local policy that supports children and their families.
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Friday, Jan 26, 2018 | Mel Reeves is a long-time human rights activist based in Minneapolis who describes himself as a writer, organizer and a “human being who stands for everybody’s rights.” When Super Bowl LII rolls into Minneapolis on February 4, Reeves will be ready. He is part of a grassroots national group called Take a Knee Nation, dedicated to keeping police brutality and racism front and center. He has, therefore, been part of planning both a national conference and a protest rally—to be held in Minneapolis on the same weekend as the National Football League’s biggest party of the year, the Super Bowl.

“The Super Bowl provides a unique opportunity to place the spotlight on the problem of police violence,” Reeves pointed out in a recent phone interview, recalling how the 2017 NFL season was shaped by controversy over whether or not players “making millions of dollars,” as Donald Trump put it, have the right to take a knee in protest. The players who did get down on one knee as the national anthem was played, drawing both criticism and support, were doing so for two main reasons: to call attention to police violence and to demonstrate their right to protest.


Sarah Lahm is a Minneapolis-based writer and former English Instructor. She is a 2015 Progressive magazine Education Fellow and blogs about education at

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