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Take Action July 12th!

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Here's the gist; riddle me this: 

How is a Train like the Internet?

They're both common carriers!  

You buy your ticket and decide where you want to go on the train.

You buy your Internet service provider and decide where you want to go on the Internet. 

But that could end in August.

Big Telecoms like Verizon, Comcast and AT&T don't want to just provide Internet service, they want to control the content too - slowing down, diverting or even shutting down our access to the open internet we know and love. 

Imagine being on a train and all of a sudden, you can't get off at your stop - or it takes you twice as long to get there, and costs twice as much. 

That's why we're asking all of you internet users out there to come together on July 12th to spread the word at your local train or metro stations about the importance of an open and accessible internet - just like an open and accessible public transportation system. 

These actions will coincide with an Internet-Wide Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality. 

We need our voices to be heard online and off. sign up here and via the button below to spread the word at your local train station. We'll send you fliers that show the graphic above and information on Net Neutrality and how to get involved in the fight to Save the Internet!

We must rise together quickly again to defend the Internet!


Popular Resistance

Popular Resistance seeks to aid in bringing movements for peace, justice, economic fairness and environmental protection together into an independent, nonviolent and diverse movement that can end the power of concentrated wealth, shift power to the people and put human needs before corporate greed.

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We won this battle before, Ron Wyden, Free Press Action Fund 

  • We’ve fought and won this battle before and we can do so again. But it’s going to take all of us working together. I will do my best working with my colleagues in the Senate to protect internet freedom, but we’ll need all of your voices engaged and ready to fight.
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