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The Terribly Tiny God of MAGA Christians

I hope and pray that (professed Christians who support this President) soon find a God who is big enough so that they stop living so small.

John Pavlovitz,

April 11, 2019 | I feel sorry for professed Christians who support this President.

They have a profound and fundamental spiritual problem: their God is too small.

They passionately worship a deity made in their own image: white, American, Republican, male—and perpetually terrified of just about everything: Muslims, immigrants, gay children, Special Counsel reports, mandalas, Harry Potter, Starbucks holiday cups, yoga, wind turbines, Science—everything. Their God is so laughably minuscule, so fully neutered of power, so completely devoid of functioning vertebrae that “He” cannot protect them from the encroaching monsters they are certain lurk around every corner to overwhelm them. / John Pavlovitz is an American Christian pastor and author, known for his social and political writings from a liberal Christian perspective.

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