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Their Meddlers and Ours

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  • It is surely reasonable to hold that if real democracy is out of the question then better even the machinations of the likes of Vladimir Putin than those of the miscreant plutocrats whose monies make a mockery of what little democracy we have left in our “shining city on the hill.”
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February 23, 2018 | By the end of World War II, the United States had become a serial meddler in the affairs of the nations of the world, friend and foe alike.

American intelligence services took particular aim at Third World and Western countries with large Communist Parties, and at countries on the other side of what used to be called “the Iron Curtain.”

Meddling there took some doing before the implosion of the Soviet Union. It still does in China and North Korea, and in countries with strong states, like Iran, that resist American domination.  However, our intelligence services are well resourced and determined.

Andrew Levine is the author most recently of The American Ideology (Routledge) and Political Key Words (Blackwell) as well as of many other books and articles in political philosophy. His most recent book is In Bad Faith: What’s Wrong With the Opium of the People.

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Hypocrisy of Russia-Did-It Stories Is Hard to Stomach, Janine Jackson, Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)

  • it’s plausible that the Russians or even Russia was involved, it’s a very long way from proven, different agencies dispute it, all the sources we’re reading are anonymous and the assessments themselves are secret.
  • Meddling in other countries’ elections is an exciting adventure–when it’s the United States doing the meddling.
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US Election Meddling: Smoke and Mirrors with a Biker Gang Subplot, Compiled by David Culver <>, Ed., Evergreene Digest

  • Part 1: US Election Meddling: Smoke and Mirrors
    • Actual evidence has not surfaced.
  • Part 2: The Russia Scandal Was Desperately Missing a Biker Gang Subplot. Well, Here It Is.
    • Paging Hunter S. Thompson.


Russian Meddling: Gagging on the Irony, by Charles Hugh Smith, Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds / Straight Line Logic 

  • it comes to meddling in elections and the domestic affairs of other nations, the US may be the world champion, and it's also the world champion hypocrite about it. From Charles Hugh Smith at The irony that is most gagging is that America's power elite is destroying the nation's social order by its concentration of wealth and abuse of power.
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