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Trashing the Planet For Profit by William Bowles

  • We refuse to accept responsibility for the state of the planet. Yes, ultimately, it’s the economic system, capitalism,  that’s doing the damage but surely it’s time we also accept responsibility for our role in maintaining an unsustainable economic system, a system that in the short term we all benefit from.
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08 Jan 2018 | Before I began this essay I read through some of my past forays that mentioned climate change and capitalism, the first I think, being in 2006 where I opined in a piece on the ‘War on Terror’:

"Perhaps the impending climate catastrophe as well as the genocidal actions of the US will force us to finally start thinking and acting ‘outside of the box’ but without a clear idea of where we are heading or how to get there, currently the situation looks dire. — WOT is to be done?" 2 November, 2006

William Bowles, Writer, Dandelion Salad


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Climate Denial Will Kill Us, Paul Street, Truthdig

  • It’s not too late to avert environmental catastrophe, but we must act fast or risk human extinction.
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