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Two Things We Can Do to Help Reunite Families

  • I believe history will look back on this moment of how we treat immigrants in our country as a test of faith for which we will all be accountable and which will shape the meaning of faith and the response of a new generation in our future. It is time to act — and to start by reuniting separated migrant children from their families.

Jim Wallis, Sojourners Now you can follow Evergreene Digest on Twitter. 7-05-2018 | This past weekend, we saw an incredible outpouring of support for immigrants and asylum seekers to the U.S., with rallies and marches occurring across the country in response to the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policy at the border and the consequent separation of thousands of children from their families. More than 700 rallies took place nationwide, as hundreds of thousands of protesters came together to urge the administration to reunite children with their parents and to go much further to protect vulnerable families. Sojourners convened a candlelight prayer vigil on Friday night at the Capitol, before the Saturday march, and called for such vigils across the country. These protests and vigils demonstrate the unity in moral outrage and faith responses since the administration enacted its zero-tolerance policies, and offered a reminder of the need for continued advocacy in the days to come — with a special focus on the separated children and the urgent need to reunite them with their mothers and fathers.

When the administration first announced the details of its enforcement of zero tolerance, voices from both sides of the political aisle decried the inhumane policy that needlessly separated more than 2,300 children from their parents, in especially brutal conditions and often without warning. In a statement issued by the Reclaiming Jesus church elders, we called this “an unbiblical sacrilege that is cruelly contrary to the love of Jesus Christ” and “a terror to families and an infliction of evil on children.” As Christianity Today wrote, “believers of all stripes were united on this one point of public policy. When Jim Wallis and Franklin Graham, and nearly everyone in between, condemn the administration’s policy, it’s practically a miracle. And for this, we should be grateful.”
... And now, we find ourselves on the other side of these marches, the news cycle moving to other important issues that nonetheless distract from the plight of these families. Even though we have spoken out, we now must also do something, not allowing ourselves to be complacent in the fact that we raised our voice.
Jim Wallis is president of Sojourners. His new audible spoken-word series, Jim Wallis In Conversation, is available now, as is his book, America's Original Sin: Racism, White Privilege, and the Bridge to a New America. 

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"Criminal Aliens" Vs. The West's Crimes Against Humanity, James Thindwa, Portside of people walk down Harbor Drive during the Families Belong Together rally and march in San Diego., Hayne Palmour IV/U-T

There is not enough space to catalogue all the crimes committed collectively by western countries that now feel besieged by migrants of color.
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