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We Need To Stop Normalizing Pro-War Voices In Mainstream Discourse.

When (media outlets, college campuses, and political parties) normalize advocacy for war ... protests need to be held against them. This would bring us closer towards a society that isn’t defined by hate and violence, but by a dedication to peace.

Rainer Shea, Revolution Didpatch Now you can follow Evergreene Digest on Facebook, December2,2018 | It’s strange that while neo-Nazis and white nationalists are almost universally seen as dangerous and toxic, and are typically rejected from media platforms, the figures who advocate for imperialist war are welcomed into mainstream discourse without hesitation.

After all, it’s been statistically shown that these groups are responsible for similar amounts of death and destruction. Since World War II, the United States has carried out invasions in 37 countries. The combined deaths from these wars has now reached over 20 million, with around 5 million of the people killed being Muslims who’ve died in the post-1990 Middle Eastern wars.

Rainer Shea, blogger, Revolution Didpatch

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