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Feature Article | Books, Literature, & Ideas

Chris Hedges: America, the Land of the Desperate and Doomed, interviewed by Greg Palast. Greg Palast, Dandelion Salad / Image by Mary Crandall via Flickr

Neither political party, now captured by corporate power, addresses the systemic problem.

Publisher's Choice | Critical Thinking

The Age of the Imbecile, ‪umair haque‬, Eudaimonia and Co / Medium
The World is Turning Catastrophically Stupid. Here’s How Not to Join It.

Of Special Interest | Race & Ethnicity

Our Approach to Zionism: How did the Jewish state become an oppressive state? Compiled by David Culver, Ed., Evergreene Digest

  • Part 1: Racism and Israel's election: How did the Jewish state become an oppressive state?
  • Israel’s descent into an apartheid state seems inevitable.
  • Part 2: Our Approach to Zionism
  • Jewish Voice for Peace is guided by a vision of justice,equalityand freedom for all people.

Bloggers & Columnists | Greg Palast, Chris Hedges, Glenn Greenwald, Michael Lerner

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In Race & Ethnicity | Jewish Voice for Peace opposes anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim, and anti-Arab bigotry and oppression.

All this and more in:
Business Prescription Drug Landscape, Explored, Pew Charitable Trusts

  • A look at retail pharmaceutical spending from 2012 to 2016
  • Where Do Prescription Drug Dollars Go?

Media & Technology

Trump and Social Media- It's the End of News As We Know It. Compiled by David Culver, Ed., Evergreene Digest

  • Part 1: Trump and Social Media Could Be An Even More Dangerous Combination in 2019.
  • Facebook and Twitter won’t solve the problems theyhelpedcreate. So who will?
  • Part 2: It’s the End of News as We Know It (and Facebook Is Feeling Fine).
  • People are getting less news.

Julian Assange Arrested in London After Ecuador Withdraws Asylum; U.S. Requests Extradition. Robert Mackey, the Intercept / Ecuador's Embassy in London, where WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange lived until his arrest on Thursday. Photo: Alastair Grant/AP

  • WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange was arrested by British police inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London today. In addition to a U.K. criminal charge for avoiding a court appearance, police confirmed that Assange has “been further arrested on behalf of the United States authorities” for allegedly encouraging whistleblower Chelsea Manning to expose more information.
  • Related: A Titanic Menace: the Malicious Censorship of Independent Media and Non-Corporate Journalists

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