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Feature Article | Foreign Affairs

Breaking Our Biggest Taboo, Obscuring Vital Debate on Israel/Palestine, Compiled by David Culver, Ed., Evergreene Digest

  • Part 1: Breaking Our Biggest Taboo ~ Eric S. Margolis
  • You simply don’t talk about the influence of the Israel lobby unless you wanttogetlabelled an anti-Semite.
  • Part 2: Debate Over Labeling Omar Obscures Vital Debate on Israel/Palestine
  • Though it was not their intention, Ilhan Omar’s critics did her a favor
  • Related: Our Approach to Zionism: How did the Jewish state become an oppressive state?

Publisher's Choice | Race & Ethnicity

Scholar Jonathan Metzl: White supremacy is literally killing white people. Chauncey DeVega, Salon (Getty/peeterv)

Working-class whites are suffering but still willing to defend racism,saysauthor of "Dying of Whiteness".

Of Special Interest | Religion & Spirituality

The Politics of Miracle, Shaul Magid, Tikkun

The Exodus Miracle as Revolution according to Rabbi Ya’akov Moshe Charlap

Bloggers & Columnists | Nick Turse, Glenn Greenwald, Tom Englehardt, Chauncey DeVega

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Arts, Culture, & Entertainment

From the Archives | Why Easter Is Called Easter, and Other Little-Known Facts About the Holiday, Brent Landau, Intellectual Takeout is quite similar to other major holidays like Christmas and Halloween, which have evolved over the last 200 years or so. In all of these holidays, Christian and non-Christian (pagan) elements have continued to blend together.

Books, Literature, & Ideas

The CIA Takeover of America in the 1960s is the Story of Our Times ~ Edward Curtin. Robert Gore, Straight Line Logic

  • of the big assassination stories of the 1960s—JFK, RFK, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X—really add up.
  • A Quasi-Review of A Lie Too Big To Fail: The Real History of the Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy by Lisa Pease
  • The killing of the Kennedys and today’s new Cold War and war against terror are two ends of a linked intelligence operation.
  • From Edward Curtin at

Government & Politics

Series, Universal Empire | Part 3: How the CIA Created a Fake Western Reality for 'Unconventional Warfare', Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould, Truthdig / "The Evil Spirits of the Modern Daily Press," a cartoon from Puck magazine in 1888. (Wikimedia)

  • Some suggest it will take a war to create an antiwar movement that demands change. But the wars are already ongoing. Our attempt to police the world has already proved too costly. Where is the Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren of foreign policy? Many Democrats are positioning themselves to take on Trump four years from now. They’d be wise to seek leadership by demonstrating it.
  • Series, Universal Empire | Part 2: How Neocons Push for War by Cooking the Books
  • Related: Series, Universal Empire | Part 1: American Imperialism Leads the World Into Dante's Vision of Hell
  • Related: The Price of Empire ~ umber haque

Law & Justice

The Mueller Report: Annotating Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Redacted Report, James Risen, Robert Mackey, Trevor Aaronson, the Intercept

  • A redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report of the investigation into Russian election interference was released to Congress and the public by Attorney General William Barr on Thursday. Intercept journalists have been updating our site throughout the day with their analyses of the report.
  • Mehdi Hasan argues that the report’s section on obstruction of justice is actually a road maptoimpeachment, and that it is time for Democrats in Congress to follow it. And Glenn Greenwald says that the Mueller report obliterates the idea that the Trump campaign conspired with Russia during the election.

Peace & Non-violence

Bases, Bases, Everywhere … Except in the Pentagon’s Report, Nick Turse, TomDispatchConsortium News / Rise Up Times

  • installations exist somewhere between light and shadow, writes Nick Turse. While acknowledged as foreign military outposts, they are excluded from the official inventory. 
  • “U.S. bases abroad cost upwards of $50 billion per year to build and maintain, which is money that could be used to address pressing needs at home in education, health care, housing, and infrastructure.”

Religion & Spirituality

The Terribly Tiny God of MAGA Christians, John Pavlovitz,

I hope and pray that (professed Christians who support this President) soon find a God who is big enough so that they stop living so small.

Youth, Education, & Children

From the Archives: Teacher Explains Why Schools Can’t Produce Well-Educated Minds. Annie Holmquist, Intellectual Takeout 

  •'s quite simple really.
  • Related: The Age of the Imbecile


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