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Feature Article | Two Things We Can Do to Help Reunite Families, Jim Wallis, Sojourners

I believe history will look back on this moment of how we treat immigrants in our country as a test of faith for which we will all be accountable and which will shape the meaning of faith and the response of a new generation in our future. It is time to act — and to start by reuniting separated migrant children from their families.

Publisher's Choice | America’s Derangement Syndrome Is a Danger to World Peace. Robert Gore, Strategic Culture  / Straight Line Logic

  • Insanity of any kind can lead to insane results, and the insanity being demonstrated by so much of the American governing and chattering classes could lead to a war.
  • Strategic-Culture Editorial
  • Related: From the Archives: US Administration Defends Its RighttoStart Wars on a Whim

Of Special Interest | What If Banks Were Publicly Owned? In LA, This May Soon Be A Reality. David Dayen, HuffPost

  • will decide in November whether to take city money out of the hands of big banks.
  • Related: From the Archives | Why Public Banks Outperform Private Banks.

Bloggers & Columnists | Ray McGovern, David Swanson, Jim Wallis

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From the Archives | “No civilization would tolerate what America has done.” David Masciotra, AlterNet / Salon

It seems police can get away with anything.

Law & Justice

Why White Amerikanz Don’t Believe in ‘Personal Accountability’ for Police, Michael Gould-Wartofsky, In These Times

  • the explanation, there is a bewildering disconnect between white tolerance of police misconduct—including homicides—and the call for “personal accountability” that has long permeated our national policy discussions.
  • Recent protests have showcased American military might on domestic soil.
  • Related: ‘Dangerous precedent’ – Ray McGovern on excessive police force

Religion & Spirituality Report | Supporting The Catholic Church Means Supporting The Rape And Sexual Abuse Of Children. Compiled by David Culver, Ed., Evergreene Digest

  • Part 1: It's time for #MeToo in the Catholic church.
  • Predator priests will only face justice when those they abused find the courage to speak up.
  • Part 2: Supporting The Catholic Church Means Supporting The Rape And Sexual Abuse Of Children.
  • The Catholic Church is a profoundly and irredeemably morally corrupt institution that allows children to be treated as disposable sex toys for predatory clergy.

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