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Feature Article
A Revolution of Democracy, Rivera Sun, Dandelion Salad / Image by Dandelion Salad via Flickr

  • An effort that seeks … a profound re-envisioning in the ways we make every decision in our lives is nothing short of a revolution. We must gird ourselves for the struggle if we ever wish toseegovernment of, by, and for the people, all of us, together.
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Publisher's Choice
What America Has Done To its Young People is Appalling ~ James Ostrowski. Robert Gore, Straight Line Logic

  • some of the problems young people face are caused by dysfunctional family situations and our failing education system.
  • From James Ostrowski at
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Of Special Interest
A Challenge to the New Blue Congress: Govern as Progressives. Normon Solomon, Truthout Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, joined by House Democrats, leaves the podium after delivering remarks during a DCCC election watch party at the Hyatt Regency on November 6, 2018, in Washington, DC. Zach Gibson / Getty Images

Tuesday's election results made clear what surveys have been showing: Voters are hungry for genuinely progressive policies in response to the dire problems we face. The grassroots enthusiasm that energized young voters and people of color was not driven by a desire to "reach across the aisle" or appeal to "compassionate conservatives," yet the mainstream media and Democratic leadership seem oblivious to that fact.

Bloggers & Columnists | David Zirin, William Rivers Pitt, Normon Solomon

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Activism & Organizing!!-:strip_icc-!!-/2018/11/20/943/n/1922441/aec8431fe6719258_1_Help_an_elderly_person_cross_the_street./i/Help-elderly-person-cross-street.jpg109 Random Acts of Kindness You Can Start Doing Today, Zara Patel, Popsugar

1 Help an elderly person cross the street.

Time is Running Out. Tell Congress: Restore Net Neutrality Now! Craig Brown, Common Dreams

The window on our best chance to restore net neutrality is closing very soon.

Government & Politics

Special Report | George Herbert Walker Bush: A Perspective, Compiled by David Culver, Ed., Evergreene Digest

Story 1: I Will Not Speak Kindly of the Dead. Bush Was Detestable. * Story 2: Crimes of the Bush dynasty * Story 3: George H.W. Bush Empowered Atrocity Abroad and Fascists at Home. * Story 4: George H.W. Bush, Icon of the WASP Establishment—and of Brutal US Repression in the Third World * Story 5: George Herbert Walker Bush and the myth of the 'good' Gulf War * Story 6: The Media Is Erasing George H.W. Bush’s Catastrophic Harm To LGBTQ People. * Story 7: George H.W. Bush’s Decency Is What Republicans Hope You’ll Remember Him For

Health, Science, & Environment

E. coli outbreaks point to lagging implementationoflandmark law. Editorial Board,  Minneapolis (MN) Star Tribune / Romaine lettuce in the produce area of a market in Simi Valley, Calif. U.S. health officials linked an E. coli outbreak in several states to romaine lettuce from the Central Coastal growing regions in Northern and Central California. / Mark J. Terrill • Associated Press

  • Leverage technology to improve food safety by using produce traceability.
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Human Rights

Timeline Photos | Climate Change vs. Immigrants

Peace & Non-violence

We Need To Stop Normalizing Pro-War Voices In Mainstream Discourse. Rainer Shea, Revolution Dispatch (media outlets, college campuses, and political parties) normalize advocacy for war ... protests need to be held against them. This would bring us closer towards a society that isn’t defined by hate and violence, but by a dedication to peace.

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