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Feature Article law prof: Trump is a 'national emergency'. Jon Street, Campus Reform

  • Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig says President Donald Trump is a "national emergency."
  • Lessig made the comment on MSNBC on Sunday, just after Trump entertained the idea of declaring a national emergency to secure border wall funds.
  • Related: Trump's border wall demand is constitutionally illegitimate.'s Choice

The Return of the Strike, Steven Greenhouse, the American Prospect / Portside <>

This year, thousands of teachers, hotel workers, Google employees, and others walked off the job and won major gains. Which raises two questions: Why now? And will this continue?

Of Special Interest | The Trump Tax Cut: Even Worse Than You’ve Heard, Paul Krugman, New York (NY) Times / President Trump in a meeting with governors and members of Congress about tax cuts in April 2018.Credit Doug Mills/the New York Times

Skeptical reporting has still been too favorable.

Bloggers & Columnists | George Monbiot

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Books, Literature, & Ideas Advise The Best Resolutions You Can Make - and Keep. Compiled by David Culver, Ed., Evergreene Digest


  • Part 1: These Are The Best Resolutions You Can Make, According To Therapists
  • If you've been slow to choose or implement a New Year's resolution this year, this will help you get on track.
  • Part 2: Six secrets of people who keep their New Year's resolutions.
  • “People who are successful realize that resolutions are not a one-time change.”

Critical Thinking Trump’s Misleading And Outright False Claims From His Border Address, Nick Visser, Carla Herreria, and Saba Hamedy, Huffington Post

  • Take a look at some of the biggest lies from the president’s speech below.
  • Nick Visser, Carla Herreria, and Saba Hamedy, Huffington Post
  • Again, Mexico is not paying for the wall.

Government & Politics

Neoliberalism And The Rationalization Of Corporate Tyranny, ‪Rainer Shea‬, Medium

  •*vCpvw26daVD5cgM6ZyAK-w@2x.jpegThe lesson is that if we want to make things better, we need to spread compassion and generosity throughout our daily lives. Even more important is the creation of a mass movement that seeks to overthrow corporate capitalism, and then create a society which protects the planet while ensuring that every person has a safe and comfortable life.
  • Related: Neoliberalism – the ideology at the root of all our problems



Trump's border wall demand is constitutionally illegitimate. Lawrence Lessig, the Guardian / ‘The president ran on a promise to build a wall paid for by Mexico.’ Photograph: UPI/Barcroft Images

No reading of our constitution would ever uphold the view that a president can stop the functioning of government, to insist upon a program unsupported by the public.

Health, Science, & Environment

Psycological Analysis of Trump's Support, Compiled by David Culver, Ed., Evergreene Digest

  • Part 1: The Dunning-Kruger Effect May Help Explain Trump's Support
  • A new study suggests some people grossly overestimate their political knowledge.
  • Part 2: A Complete Psychological Analysis of Trump's Support
  • Science can help us make sense of the president's political invincibility.

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