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Feature Article | Our challenge really is against the stupidity and cognitive dissonance that rules us today. Compiled by David Culver, Ed., Evergreene Digest

  • 1: Vandana Shiva, physicist and thinker: our challenge really is against the stupidity that rules us today
  • "We are not atomized producers and consumers, we are part of an earth community, we are part of a human community…"
  • Part 2: The Entire Western World Lives In Cognitive Dissonance
  • The Western mind … (is) so full of propagandistic nonsense that there is no connection to reality.

Publisher's Choice | Ralph Nader: The Democrats Are Unable to Defend the U.S. from the “Most Vicious” Republican Party in History. Jon Schwarz the Intercept Nader in Washington, D.C. in 2008. Photo: Stephen Voss/Redux

There are some people who think the Democratic Party can be reformed from within by changing the personnel. I say good luck to that. What’s happened in the last twenty years? They’ve gotten more entrenched. Get rid of Pelosi, you get Steny Hoyer. You get rid of Harry Reid, you get [Charles] Schumer. Good luck.

Of Special Interest | U.S. Supreme Court nomination: Senators, demand answers to these questions — before it’s too late. Compiled by David Culver, Ed., Evergreene Digest

  • Part 1: There’s So Much You Don’t Know About Brett Kavanaugh
  • And you probably won’t until it’s too late.
  • Part 2: U.S. Supreme Court nomination: Senators, ask these questions — and demand answers
  • No more softball. Political handlers have taken the wrong message from past confirmation hearings. 
  • Related: Anthony Kennedy, You Are a Total Disgrace to America

Bloggers & Columnists | Amy Goodman, Ralph Nader

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Government & Politics

Obstruction of justice, presidential immunity, impeachment: What you need to know, Louis Jacobson, John Kruzel, PolitiFact Nixon in the Oval Office. (National Archives)

Unlike the judicial system, impeachment is ultimately a political process. A majority of lawmakers, rather than a jury or a judge, is charged with determining what constitutes a high crime or misdemeanor. And given that Republicans control bothchambersfor now, any impeachment of Trump seems unlikely.

Human Rights

Jennifer Harbury: Today’s Refugee Crisis Is Blowback from U.S. Dirty Wars. Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!

  • our special broadcast from the U.S.-Mexico border, we speak to human rights lawyer Jennifer Harbury, who has lived here in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas for over 40 years and has been active in the response to the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy. Her husband, Efraín Bámaca Velásquez, was a Mayan comandante and guerrilla who was disappeared after he was captured by the Guatemalan army in the 1980s. After a long campaign, she found there was U.S. involvement in the cover-up of her husband’s murder and torture. Now she continues to work with people fleeing violence in Guatemala, ElSalvadorand Honduras.
  • Related: Column - Sorting out facts and fears in the immigration debate

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