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Feature Article | Government & Politics

House Democrats Have More Potent Options Than Impeachment, Daniel Hemel and Eric Posner, the Atlantic / Mary Calvert / Reuters

  • House Democrats hold the better hand in this game of constitutional poker. But they can’t win the game unless they play their best cards.
  • Related: Nancy Pelosi’s Argument Against Impeachment, Based on the Clinton Impeachment, Doesn’t Make Sense.

Publisher's Choice | Human Rights

Concentration camps in America? Yes, Chauncey DeVega, Salon

U.S. Border Patrol agents take Central American asylum seekers into custody on June 12, 2018 near McAllen, Texas. The immigrant families were then sent to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) processing center for possible separation. (Getty/John Moore)

  • Concentration camps have a long history in America … and Donald Trump is testing them out right now.
  • Related: Trump’s border cruelty is a test of our national character.

Of Special Interest | Government & Politics

The United States Is the Most Corrupt Country in the World, Juan Col, Truthdig / John M. Cropper / CC BY-NC 2.0

The only way to undo … the untold damage (trump's) done to the country, is to organize and canvass and publish and elect the opposition in 2020. The courts are not going to save us from Trumpism. The GOP Senate is not going to save us from Trumpism. Civility is not going to save us from Trumpism. We’re on our own, friends. The Blue Wave last November has shown the way.

Bloggers & Columnists | Caitlin Johnstone, Rainer Shea, Chris Hedges, Matt Taibbi, umair haque, Chauncey DeVega

NEW Permanent Links

  • In Government & Politics | Need to Impeach: a national movement of passionate, energetic advocates committed to removing Donald Trump from office.
  • In Media & Technology | Mondoweiss: News & Opinion About Palestine, Israel & the United States

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Critical Thinking

7 Reasons To Be Highly Skeptical Of The Gulf Of Oman Incident, Caitlin Johnstone, Activist Post

We have seen exactly zero evidence supporting Pompeo’s claims, so anyone you see hastening to blame Iran for the Gulf of Oman incident is either a war whore or a slobbering moron, or both. Knowing what we know about the US-centralized empire and its pre-existing regime change agenda against Iran, there is no reason to believe Pompeo and many reasons not to.
Related: How the U.S. War Propaganda Machine Gets Us to Forget About the Iraq WMD Hoax


Why America is the World’s First Poor Rich Country: America’s Invisible Depression, Compiled by David Culver, Ed., Evergreene Digest

  • 1: America’s Invisible Depression
  • (Why We Don’t Get That) America’s Been Ripped Apart by a New Great Depression.
  • Part 2: From the Archives | Why America is the World’s First Poor Rich Country
  • Or, How American Collapse is Made of a New Kind of Poverty

Government & Politics

Nancy Pelosi’s Argument Against Impeachment, Based on the Clinton Impeachment, Doesn’t Make Sense. Compiled by David Culver, Ed., Evergreene Digest

  • Part !: Nancy Pelosi’s Argument Against Impeachment Doesn’t Make Sense
  • The only … question is where one draws the line between conduct that is impeachable but does not mandate impeachment and conduct that is so bad that impeachment becomes a constitutional obligation.
  • Part 2: What Nancy Pelosi Learned From the Clinton Impeachment
  • Interviews with the House speaker’s old friends and colleagues offer a window into her reluctance to pull the pin on a political grenade.

Media & Technology

U.S. mainstream media fails to challenge Trump administration’s push toward war with Iran. James NorthMondoweiss / US aircraft carrier in the Straits of Hormuz.

  • Sustained public,media and congressional pressure might prompt Trump to realize that enabling his top two foreign policy appointees is simply more trouble than it’s worth.”
  • Related: Chris Hedges and Matt Taibbi: The Deep Rot That Infects American Journalism

Religion & Spirituality

Yes, What Israel Is Doing To Palestinians Is Actually Genocide. Benjamin L. Corey, Patheos / Drone footage- the destruction of Gaza, 2014

In the Israel/Palestine conflict, is Israel guilty of genocide against the Palestinians? Yes-- absolutely.
Is calling this genocide over the top? No, it’s not. It’s genocide. Legally. Morally. It’s genocide.

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