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Feature Article | 'Anti-Trump Rhetoric Not Enough': Bold, Progressive Agenda Demanded for 2018, Jake Johnson, Common Dreams / "Empty platitudes and anti-Trump rhetoric is not enough to win seats in Congress," said Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.). (Photo: Molly Adams/Flickr/cc)

  • "We must act together. And we must act strategically. 2018 is the year the people fight back like never before."
  • Related: We Need More Than a 'Not Trump' Strategy for Real Change

Publisher's Choice | Analysis: Major Corporations Have Spent Just 6% of Tax Cut Windfall on Workers. Guess Where the Other 94% Went. Jake Johnson, Common Dreams Secretary Steve Mnuchin and White House National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn attend an event to celebrate Congress passing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act with Republican members of the House and Senate on the South Lawn of the White House December 20, 2017 in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

  • Almost everyone— nonpartisan commentators, economists, and even President Donald Trump's chief economic adviser —predicted that corporate shareholders and CEOs, not workers, would be the primary beneficiaries of the Republican tax law, and several recent analyses have shown that prediction to be ...
  • "You mean corporations aren't using the bulk of their tax cuts to create jobs and boost workers’ wages like Trump promised? Weird..."

Of Special Interest | Audiences Want Diversity In Hollywood. Hollywood’s Been Slow To Get The Message. Marina Fang, Huff Post

  • Movie and TV executives continue to treat successful projects with diverse casts and creators, like “Black Panther,” as the exception rather than the rule.
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Series | A Nation Under Trump, Part 4 - Poverty issues gain traction in first year of Trump presidency, Heidi Schlumpf, National Catholic Reporter (NCR) with Catholic Charities' St. Maria's meals program in Washington serve dinner March 8 to people who are homeless. (CNS/Chaz Muth)

  • The Series: As the anniversary of Donald Trump's election as president of the United States approached, the NCR staff wondered if the calls to action that persisted immediately following the election remained as urgent.
  • Part 4: With united voice Christian groups fight cuts to safety-net programs

Series | 1968 Reduxed and Revisited: Look How Far We’ve Come (That Was Sarcasm) — Part 3 of 5, John Fisher, Medium

  •*uvf9JFk-NQu-gMQ9Uo_bOg.jpegThe Series: As the country approaches the 50th anniversary of one of the most controversial, volatile, and important years in our country’s history, We the People of the United States of America find ourselves facing many of the same issues that led us to the balcony of the Lorraine Hotel, the bloodiest year of the Vietnam War, screams of “the whole world is watching” at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, the floor of the Ambassador Hotel, and Black fists being raised in the air at the Mexico Summer Olympics. So much has changed, true. We’ve come so far, but in a lot of ways, we’re right back where we started and even further behind.
  • Part 3: The Revolution Will Not Be Instagrammed. How the ghost of Stokely Carmichael haunts modern social movements.

Bloggers & Columnists | Henry Giroux

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Activism and Organizing and Government & Politics | National Association of Non-Partisan Reformers: Fostering a government that is representative of and responsive to the people, and to advancing reforms and causes that increase competition, participation, and accountability in our political system.

Critical Thinking | Thought Company: Life-long learning in Science, Tech, Math, Humanities, Arts, Music, Recreation

Health, Science, & Environment | Inverse: an American online magazine covering topics such as technology, science, and culture.

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Foreign Affairs

The 'Two-state Solution' Only Ever Meant a Big Israel Ruling Over a Palestinian Bantustan. Let It Go. Jeff Halper, Haaretz (Israel) / Portside

  • the Jewish 'hard' left leads the battle for one state, pushing the only political horizon that isn't apartheid, U.S. Jews attack us - for fighting for the same democratic values they prize so highly back home. The Netanyahu government has already deliberately, systematically and effectively eliminated the two-state solution.
  • Related: American Politicians' Shameful Pandering to Israel

Government & Politics

Broad Coalition of National Election Reform Groups Unite to Challenge Two-Party Duopoly, Jim Jonas, Independent Voter Network

Institutional political barriers including closed primaries, partisan gerrymandering, a contrived “two-sided” media, and party-friendly campaign finance rules are just the tip of the institutional iceberg that props up the failing duopoly …

Romano: The moral corruption of Florida politicians, John Romano, Tampa Bay (FL) Times  

  • lot of it has to do with districts that are drawn in a way that favors one party over another. A lot of it has to do with voters who do not pay attention and give elected officials a free pass.
  • It’s ugly. It’s corrupt. It’s Florida.
  • Related: America’s Descent Into Madness

Human Rights

Weekend Read: It’s past time for white supremacy to die, Heidi Beirich <>, Southern Poverty Leadership Conference

  • the last year we’ve seen the growth of the so-called “alt-right,” a rise in neo-Nazi groups and, in response, a spike in black nationalist groups.
  • This weekend we're bringing you an editorial by our Intelligence Project Director Heidi Beirich from our latest Intelligence Report, reminding us that if we want to reverse a trend that saw hate groups rise for the third year in a row, we must dismantle the white supremacy that's embedded so deeply in American society.
  • Related: Hate Groups Attack Southern Poverty Law Center, and Some Journalists Pile On

Youth, Education, & Children

A letter from a furious teacher, ‪Rebecca Berlin Field‬, Medium us prevent this. Take away guns from people who will murder us. Stop taking money from the NRA and proving how soulless you are. Keep us safe so I can do my job. How dare you put me into constant danger so that you can be reelected.

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