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Feature Article | Government & Politics

Series, Universal Empire | Part 1: American Imperialism Leads the World Into Dante's Vision of Hell. Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould, Truthdig

  • truly remarkable thing about this Cold War psychology is the totally illogical transfer of the burden of proof from those who make charges to those who question them.
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Publisher's Choice | Government & Politics 

Whether Impeached or Voted Out or Stays Put, Ocasio-Cortez Says Trump 'Symptom of Much Deeper Problems'. Jon Queally, Common Dreams "This is the REAL conversation we need to have as a country," Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted on Sunday. "As horrific as this president is, he is a symptom of much deeper problems." (Photo: 60 Minutes/CBS News)

  • Amid new consternation sparked by Mueller report, Congresswoman from New York says key national conversation must go deeper than what becomes of the Republican president.
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Of Special Interest | Human Rights

12 Ways to Make Sense of the Complex Humanitarian Crisis Happening on the US-Mexico Border, Compiled by David Culver, Ed., Evergreene Digest

  • Part 1: Tomgram: William deBuys, 12 Ways to Make Sense of the Border Mess
  • How to make a difficult situation awful.
  • Part 2: What's happening onU.S.-Mexico border is a complex humanitarian crisis
  • And, no, a 'big, beautiful wall' isn't going to solve the problem. 
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Bloggers & Columnists | umair haque, Andrew Bacevich, William Rivers Pitt

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Government & Politics

New Analysis Shows Why Democrats Are Wrong to Fear Bold Embrace of Medicare for All. Julia Conley, Common Dreams / A new poll finds that seven in 10 Americans believe the U.S. healthcare system is in crisis, while a new analysis argues that promoting Medicare for All is far from the polical suicide that corporate Democrats warn candidates against. (Photo: National Nurses United/flickr/cc)

  • Corresponding with its skyrocketing enthusiasm for Medicare for All, the American public reported extreme dissatisfaction with the current for-profit healthcare system in a new poll—and expressed concern that the model has created a crisis for the nation.
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Fearmongering on the Left, Johnny Townsend, LA Progressive pundits never seem to say, “We’re in serious danger here. Centrist Democrats had better read the writing on the wall and move further to the left so we can stay unified.” No, it’s always the progressives who have to give in. Always.


“Moderate” Democrats Are Really Conservatives — and They Are Dangerous. William Rivers Pitt, Truthout / The Democratic Blue Dog Coalition released this photo with their latest inductees on November 27, 2018. Blue Dog Coalition via Twitter

  • It is time for the Blue Dogs and their media pals to get with the program and stop hiding behind meaningless labels and discredited tropes. If they want to be on the right, they can try being on the right side of history, if there is anyone left to write it.
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Health, Science, & Environment

FDA Found Glyphosate in Nearly All Foods Tested and Hid the Results. Jonathan Landsman <>, Humans Are Free / Stillness in the Storm

  • an alarming revelation, it has come to light that government scientists at U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have found the weed killer ingredient glyphosate in many popular processed foods.
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Peace & Non-violence

'What Real Action to Stop Gun Violence Looks Like': New Zealand PM Announces Ban on Assault Rifles After Christchurch Massacre. Jake Johnson, Common Dreams / "On 15 March, our history changed forever. Now, our laws will, too," said New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

  • In addition to taking the lead on bold gun law reforms, Ardern issued a "global call" to fight white nationalism in the aftermath of last week's terrorist attack, which appears to have been motivated by Islamophobic ideas and rhetoric.
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Race & Ethnicity

Don’t Just Condemn the New Zealand Attacks — Politicians and Pundits Must Stop Their Anti-Muslim Rhetoric. Mehdi Hasan, the Intercept / Portside / Police officers cordon off the area as they inspect the Al Noor Mosque after gunmen attacked two mosques and fired multiple times during Friday prayers in Christchurch, New Zealand on March 15, 2019. , Diederik van Heyningen/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

  • Are we willing and able to stand up to Islamophobia on days when there are not brutal terrorist attacks on Muslims in mosques? Or only when we see it quoted from the online manifesto of a deranged mass murderer?
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