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Feature Article | Critical Thinking

Bonhoeffer on the ‘Stupidity’ That Led to Hitler’s Rise, Annie Holmquist, Intellectual Takeout

  • both major US political parties continue to centralize power, Americans today might do well to heed Bonhoeffer’s warning.
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Publisher's Choice | Peace & Non-violence

U.S. War Drums Beat Louder and Louder! Socialist Organizer

  • Hands Off Iran and Venezuela!
  • Related: The War On Venezuela Is Built On Lies.

Of Special Interest | Government & Politics

Special Report | It should be easy for every citizen to vote. Republicans have made it way, way harder. Jim Hightower, the Hightower Lowdown / OpEdNews

  • voter suppression has quickly become the core component of the GOP's electoral strategy. Many of their repressive tactics have been in play for decades, but recently, their expansive plan has grown more urgent (i.e., desperate) as their man Trump has grown more obviously unhinged and unpopular.
  • Read on for what you need to know this election-- and what you can do to save the vote.
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Bloggers & Columnists | Chris Hedges, Jim Hightower, Bill McKibben

NEW Permanent Links

  • In Government & Politics and Labor | the Socialist Organizer persistently advocates for a Labor Party based on the trade unions and rooted in struggles of the working class and all the oppressed sectors of society; a Labor Party that charts a clean and decisive break with the twin parties of the bosses, the Democrats and Republicans.
  • In Race & Ethnicity | Minnesota Spokesman Recorder: More than just a newspaper, this includes creating content that not just informs, but also inspires, educates and encourages conversations that go beyond today’s news headlines.

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Arts, Culture, & Entertainment

Notre Dame Burns. As Does Our Civilization? Devin Foley, Intellectual Takeout / Nine-hundred years of heritage and beauty were left in smoldering ashes today after a fire consumed the once-great Cathedral of Notre Dame.

How eerily the burning of Notre Dame could symbolize the demise of Western Civilization.
What a horrible way for the West and France to begin Holy Week.

Chris Hedges and Vandana Shiva: The Fight for Life VS Monsanto/Bayer AG, Chris Hedges, RT America / Dandelion Salad / Image by OccupyReno MediaCommittee via Flickr

  • In this conversation with Chris Hedges, environmental activist and author, Vandana Shiva, talks about Monsanto/Bayer AG and other big AG players interests in India and her fight to protect life forms, seed varieties and farmers.
  • Related: It’s Time to Try Fossil-Fuel Executives for Crimes Against Humanity.

Special Report | US Banks Still Foster Fossil Fuel Projects, Renege on Renewable Energy. Compiled by David Culver, Ed., Evergreene Digest,556/ Scott Olson/Getty

  • Part 1: US Banks Pledged to Fund Renewable Energy, But They Still Spend Way More on Fossil Fuels.
  • In the years since the Paris climate agreement, banks have paid $1.9 trillion to finance fossil fuels.
  • Part 2: 'Radical Agents of Physical and Social Chaos': Campaigners Target Big Banks Over Destructive Fossil Fuel Projects
  • "It is simply nuts for banks to keep financing the ongoing destruction of the planet's climate."

Peace & Non-violence

Mother's Day and Peace, Norman Stockwell, the Progressive

  •“Why do not the mothers of mankind interfere in these matters to prevent the waste of that human life of which they alone bear and know the cost?” --Julia Ward Howe
  • Related: Whither the Anti-war Movement?


Youth, Education, & Children

The Value of a Self-Directed Summer for Kids, Kerry McDonald, Intellectual Takeout

  • are feeling more pressure to achieve, more pressure in school, and are more worried about making a living than in previous years.
  • Related: The ADHD Overdiagnosis Epidemic Is a Schooling Problem, Not a Child One.
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The ADHD Overdiagnosis Epidemic Is a Schooling Problem, Not a Child One. Kerry McDonald, Intellectual Takeout

  • young people from restrictive schooling and allowing them to learn and grow through their own self-directed curiosity can lead to happier and healthier families and children.
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