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Welcome to Evergreene Digest This Week, September 13, 2018.

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Feature Article | Will we ever have another fair election? Mike Phelan, Progress America

  • need a Congress that fights voter suppression, stops the corporate takeover of our democracy and makes sure we all have a voice. Please join us.
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Publisher's Choice | A Successful Economy Isn’t Just Capitalists Increasing Their Capital. (It’s Your Life, Improving.) umair haque, Eudaimonia and Co / Medium Daily Digest

  •*n9n_BgcOoyq6z-p0BNZ80Q.jpegWhy Americans Put the Success of Capitalism Above Their Own Lives Falling Apart
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Of Special Interest | The Best and the Brightest and Their Debauched Private School Culture Have Led America Off a Cliff. Compiled by David Culver, Ed., Evergreene Digest

  • 1:  Tales of DC's Beach Week and the Debauched Private School Culture That Created Brett Kavanaugh
  • Beach Week was in the air we breathed.
  • Part 2: From the Archives | The Best and the Brightest Led America Off a Cliff
  • These elites, and thecorporatesystemtheyserve, have ruined the country.

Bloggers & Columnists | David Sirota, Chris Hedges

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  • In Activism & Organizing | Progress America - the Action Network: Here to Push Things Forward
  • In Religion & Spirituality | Women's Ordination Conference works for women's ordination as priests and bishops into a renewed priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church.

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Activism & Organizing

Stop Trump's Social Security Administration Commissioner. Michael Phelan, Social Security Works the Senate Finance Committee: "We call on the U.S. Senate to reject Andrew Saul’s appointment as Commissioner of Social Security (SSA). A vote for Andrew Saul is a vote against Social Security."



Welcome the new NAFTA—Same as the old NAFTA? C.J. Atkins, People's World

The new NAFTA is an advance over the old one, but it's still got problems.

Government & Politics

Under Kavanaugh cover, Republicans pass $3 trillion tax cuts for wealthy. Frank Clemente, People's World Brandon/AP

  • Round one of this giveaway cost $2 trillion. Round two is even bigger—$3 trillion.
  • Related: From the Archives | Fools and hucksters are governing this country based on Ronald Reagan lies.
  • Related: America's new aristocracy lives in an accountability-free zone.

Law & Justice

America's new aristocracy lives in an accountability-free zone. David Sirota, the Guardian'If there are no legal consequences for profiteers who defrauded the global economy into a collapse, what will deter those profiteers from doing that again?’ Illustration: Mark Long/Mark Long for Guardian US

Accountability is for the little people, immunity is for the ruling class. If this ethos seems familiar, that is because it has preceded some of the darkest moments in human history

High Crimes and Misdemeanours of Kavanaugh and the Senate-Trump Faction - We Need to Mobilize Like Never Before. Compiled by David Culver, Ed., Evergreene Digest.

  • 1: If Kavanaugh Is Confirmed, We Need to Mobilize Like Never Before.
  • His record indicates that he would stonewall movements against poverty, militarism, and racism for a generation.
  • Part 2: High Crimes and Misdemeanours of Kavanaugh and the Senate-Trump Faction - Step-by-step Overthrow of the Rule of Law
  • Kavanaugh has been … continuously coached from the highest offices of the land to act above the law.

Religion & Spirituality

Catholic Women Called ~ Bridget Mary Meehan, Kate McElwee, Women's Ordination Conference

The only "serious confusion" among the faithful is just how long the Vatican will continue to parade indefensible arguments that attempt to limit the reaches of God's call.

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