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What We Lose When We Let Predatory Men Shape The National Conversation

Matt Lauer’s 20-year position at NBC allowed him to frame the way stories about powerful women and Very Bad Men were told — and not told.

  • It is a disturbing thought experiment to look at the media men who have faced allegations of sexual misconduct over the past two months and consider what stories might have been told had women been in their places.
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Emma Gray, HuffPost Culture Built On Free Service

What started out as an information service based on public support has now become a culture of free service. The process is absolutely being abused. A budget is required. Not a huge budget, but a “reasonable” one.

We’ll press the case until we get that.

David Culver, Founder, Publisher
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11/29/2017 | In September 2016, Matt Lauer came under fire for his treatment of then–presidential nominee Hillary Clinton at the NBC Commander in Chief Forum.

The format of the forum had Clinton answering questions for 30 minutes, followed by Donald Trump doing the same. During Clinton’s turn, Lauer focused one-third of that time on seemingly prepared questions about her private email server. He asked tough follow-up questions, and interrupted her answers more than once. By the time a veteran in the audience could ask Clinton a specific question about how she would deploy troops to combat ISIS ― the type of inquiry that would allow her to show Americans her understanding of foreign policy and her concrete plans should she become Commander in Chief ― Lauer cut in before she could answer, asking that her response be delivered “as briefly as you can.” Emma Gray is the Executive Women's Editor at HuffPost. She is also the co-host of the "Bachelor"-themed podcast, "Here To Make Friends," which was named a "must-listen" by The Daily Dot, and has appeared as an expert on the Today Show, Good Morning America, The Insider and Entertainment Tonight.

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Trump Is Quietly Making It Even Harder To Report Sexual Harassment And Discrimination, Emily Peck, Huffington Post Members of the National Organization for Women hold a rally to call upon Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. to reopen a criminal investigation against Harvey Weinstein. Brendan McDermid / Reuters

  • The White House has been trying to shut women up this whole time.
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