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Why Schools Should Teach Rational Discourse

  • It used to be that logic, one of the main components of rational debate, was taught in schools. Is it time we considered reinstating the study of logic in today’s schools in order to restore rational discourse in the nation?
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Annie Holmquist, Intellectual Takeout 14, 2016 | The day before the election, the Minneapolis Star Tribune ran a revealing story on the state of rational discourse in today’s schools.

The story centered on two young men – Elijah Rockhold and Sam Buisman – from the public high school in Chanhassen, a suburb of the Twin Cities. Although Rockhold and Buisman are on different sides of the political aisle, they came together to create an after school club in which students could discuss political ideas without emotional arguments. The reason they started this club is rather telling:

“Chanhassen High lacked a forum for political discourse, Rockhold said, and teachers were hesitant to talk about politics at all.

Annie Holmquist is a senior writer with Intellectual Takeout. She assists with website content production and social media messaging.  

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