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The Women’s World Cup Was Always Going To Be Megan Rapinoe’s Moment.

 / Megan Rapinoe celebrates after scoring the opening goal in the United States’ World Cup quarterfinal win over France. / the Guardian

The U.S. soccer star’s fight for gender and racial equality began long before she slammed President Donald Trump.

Travis Waldron, Huffington Post
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07/06/2019 | It was inevitable that the 2019 Women’s World Cup would become Megan Rapinoe’s moment.

Months before the tournament began in June, a reporter from Eight by Eight magazine pointed the camera at the U.S. soccer star and asked the brash, outspoken forward ― who’d called President Donald Trump a “misogynist” and a “racist” and spent the last three years kneeling during the national anthem ― if she’d engage in the customary White House visit should the American women win their fourth World Cup title. / Travis Waldron: HuffPost enterprise politics reporter based in Washington. He covers general politics and culture in the United States andBrazil, and also writes about issues at the intersection of sports, politics and culture. Previously he covered politics, economics, and sports at ThinkProgress, and his work has appeared at The Atlantic, Columbia Journalism Review, and various newspapers.

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