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The Yemen Vote Is a New Low for the Democratic Party

 / Sadam Khadam Mahdi, 27, lies on a bed in a field hospital on September 22, 2018 in Al Khawkhah, Yemen. Andrew Renneisen / Getty

  • House Republicans voted yesterday to keep the monstrous war in Yemen going. But they couldn’t have succeeded without the help of several Democrats.
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Branko Marcetic, Jacobin

12/13/2018 | Why are people disillusioned with politics?

There are, of course, many answers to that question. But if you only need one, look no further than yesterday’s vote to keep the US government fueling the genocidal war in Yemen.

Paul Ryan and House Republicans managed to pass a bill blocking Congress from ending US involvement in Yemen for the rest of the year. They did so by inserting a provision into the 2018 farm bill rule — that is, not even the farm bill itself, but simply the language that establishes how the legislation will be debated and voted on — that effectively bars the House from taking up any measure that halts the war for the rest of this Congress.

Branko Marcetic is a Jacobin staff writer.

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The Yemen Crisis, Khashoggi, and the Deadly Saudi Arms Trade, Elise Thomas, the Interpreter/Australia  / Portside / Nora bringsherfour month-old son Saleh to Al Hudaydah’s main hospital. Close to half a million children and two million mothers in Yemen are at risk of dying from severe acute malnutrition due to the ongoing conflict., UN OCHA/Giles Clarke

Whatever happened to Jamal Khashoggi … is … a painful reminder of the selective nature of international outrage that the death of a single, well-connected Saudi Arabian journalist was able to spark a conversation which the deaths of thousands of Yemeni civilians could not.


Be Wary Of The Democratic Wing Of The Protest Movement, John Stauber, CounterPunch / Popular Resistance

  • The self-labeled "Progressive Movement" that has arisen over the past decade is primarily one big propaganda campaign serving the political interestsofthe the Democratic Party’s richest one-percent who created it.  The funders and owners of the Progressive Movement get richer and richer off Wall Street and the corporate system.  But they happen to be Democrats, cultural and social liberals who can’t stomach Republican policies, and so after bruising electoral defeats a decade ago they decided to buy a movement, one just like the Republicans, a copy.
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