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Yes, What Israel Is Doing To Palestinians Is Actually Genocide.


 / Drone footage- the destruction of Gaza, 2014

  • In the Israel/Palestine conflict, is Israel guilty of genocide against the Palestinians? Yes-- absolutely.
  • Is calling this genocide over the top? No, it’s not. It’s genocide. Legally. Morally. It’s genocide.

Benjamin L. Corey, Patheos
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This Is Independent Media - No Advertising - No Government, Corporate, or Foundation Grants  / March 1, 2019 | The other day I wrote a short piece on why the Bible does not command us to blindly stand with the modern state of Israel, and one of the points I made is that Israel is guilty of genocide. There were no shortage of internet commenters who objected to my use of this word and felt it was over the top. However, I stand by my assertion that Israel is guilty of genocide, so allow me to expand upon that.

I believe the main reason many push back on the idea that Israel is guilty of genocide is because of a lack of understanding of the full nuance of the word, and what genocide can look like in a modern context. While rounding up people for mass executions would be obvious evidence of genocide, the reality is that genocide can take place in ways that are more subtle– making it palatable for the masses, and even seem justified at times.

Benjamin L. Corey is a cultural anthropologist, public theologian, writer, speaker.

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