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The Greatest Story Too Rarely Told: America Is an Oligarchy

"We’ve been accepting an unacceptable level of insanity in our national body politic for decades now," says Atcheson. (Photo: Education Images / Getty)

  • We live in a nation controlled by corporate power and the individually wealthy. And the major press, of course, is in on the con.
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John Atcheson, Common Dreams> Thursday, July 13, 2017 | OK.  Enough.  It’s time to quit being “balanced” or “non-partisan” or whatever other euphemism the elite establishment media uses to justify ignoring the two biggest elephants in our national living room.

After Trump was elected there was a lot of concern about allowing his idiocy to become the “new normal.” But in truth, we’ve been accepting an unacceptable level of insanity in our national body politic for decades now. Atcheson is author of the novel, A Being Darkly Wise, and he has just completed a book on the 2016 elections, tentatively titled, WTF America? How the US Went Off the Rails and How to Get It Back on Track.

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Fools and hucksters are governing this country based on Ronald Reagan lies, Compiled by David Culver, Ed., Evergreene Digest

  • Part 1: Fools and hucksters are governing this country

Their very presence in the White House is a daily debasement of the values and traditions that once made America great.

  • Part 2: Ending the Ronald Reagan lie

A small group of wealthy interests has hijacked the federal government, driving policies that are strongly against public opinion and the public good.

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Series | Outclassed: Part 1: Why do we think poor people are poor because of their own bad choices?

‘ Among the wealthy, biases allow society’s winners to believe that they got where they are by hard work alone’. Illustration: Rosie Roberts

  • If an unexpected medical emergency bankrupts you, you view yourself as a victim of bad fortune – while seeing other bankruptcy court clients as spendthrifts. Why?
  • Outclassed: The Secret Life of Inequality is our new series about class. This installment is Part 1. 
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Maia Szalavitz, Guardian Now you can follow Evergreene Digest on Twitter., 5 July, 2017 | Cecilia Mo thought she knew all about growing up poor when she began teaching at Thomas Jefferson senior high school in south Los Angeles. As a child, she remembered standing in line, holding a free lunch ticket. But it turned out that Mo could still be shocked by poverty and violence – especially after a 13-year-old student called her in obvious panic. He had just seen his cousin get shot in his front yard.

For Mo, hard work and a good education took her to Harvard and Stanford. But when she saw just how much chaos and violence her LA students faced, she recognized how lucky she had been growing up with educated parents and a safe, if financially stretched, home. Maia Szalavitz is the author of Unbroken Brain:  A Revolutionary New Way of Understanding Addiction, which will be published in April. She is a 2015-16 Soros Justice Fellow and has covered addiction and neuroscience for major publications for nearly 30 years.

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Kurt Vonnegut Ponders Why “Poor Americans Are Taught to Hate Themselves” in a Timely Passage from Slaughterhouse-Five, Josh Jones, Open Culture Image by Daniele Prati, via Flickr Commons

  • For all his (Campbell's) outlandish presentation, he is a complicated figure---something of an amalgam of the far right’s showmen and hucksters and its cynical intellectuals, who often understand very well how the stark divisions of race and class are maintained in the U.S., and exploit that knowledge for political gain.
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Three Strategies to Defend GOP Health Bill: Euphemisms, False Statements and Deleted Comments

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan conducting a presentation in early March of the GOP’s plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

  • Since the passage of the American Health Care Act, Republican members of Congress have tried to swing public opinion to their side. ProPublica has been tracking what they’re saying.
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Charles Ornstein, ProPublica May 25, 2017 | Earlier this month, a day after the House of Representatives passed a bill to repeal and replace major parts of the Affordable Care Act, Ashleigh Morley visited her congressman’s Facebook page to voice her dismay.

“Your vote yesterday was unthinkably irresponsible and does not begin to account for the thousands of constituents in your district who rely upon many of the services and provisions provided for them by the ACA,” Morley wrote on the page affiliated with the campaign of Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y. “You never had my vote and this confirms why.” Charles Ornstein is a senior reporter for ProPublica <>covering health care and the pharmaceutical industry.

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Special Report | GOP Health Care Reform: Week Ending June 24, 2017, Compiled by David Culver, Ed., Evergreene Digest.

  • We have time to fight back, and it doesn’t matter if you have a Republican or Democratic Senator—you are needed in this fight. Here’s how to fight back.
  • 8 New Items including:
  • It's Time to Stop TrumpCare and We've Got a Plan.
  • Health Care Has Been Cut Before. Here’s What Happened.
  • Cerebral Palsy Didn’t Stop This College Junior. Obamacare Repeal Might
  • The face of Republican evil: It’s not Donald Trump.
  • Money in Politics: Here’s how much health insurance companies paid Republicans to flip their vote on Trumpcare.
  • GOP senators have concerns with Senate-drafted Health Care Bill





The Nauseating Hypocrisy Surrounding The Kathy Griffin Criticism

Mark Ralston via Getty Images 


She crossed the taste line—that’s all.

Cody Lyon, Huff Post Now you can follow Evergreene Digest on Twitter.



06/02/2017 | There’s a vein of sad, pathetic hypocrisy running through both the left and right of the United States tonight. We live in times fueled by constant breaking media reports and self serving social media commentary. Adding fuel to the symptom, Americans are quick to take reactionary tones in times of tension. We’re quick to jump on the praise or condemnation express train- as if a stance will validate our individual moral compass.

There’s little doubt, Kathy Griffin’s photo with a fake bloody head was tasteless and offensive. But if that sort of crass blood soaked satire is not your thing, it’s easy to just ignore it. Turn the other way.

Cody LyonHuff Post Contributor, NYC writer/reporter

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America's Embrace of Willful Ignorance

File:Die Bankie Gedagte W.jpg - Wikimedia Commons1024 Ã-- 683 - 189k - jpg (Image by  

  • These new great men are great because of what makes them similar to the mass --a kind of crude common sense, brutality, and lack of culture. The handling of affairs may make then admirably cunning and remarkably good at the practice of politics. But to maintain their prestige and power, they must also maintain their lack of culture and brutality. They must remain primitives. --Jean Guehenno, Diary of the Dark Years, 1940-1944: Collaboration, Resistance, and Daily Life in Occupied Paris
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Lenore Daniels, OpEdNews If you like reading this article, consider joining the crew of all reader-supported Evergreene Digest by contributing the equivalent of a cafe latte a month--using the donation button above—so we can bring you more just like it. [Credit: Anthony Frieda.]

5/30/2017 | Dark blue signs appeared on so many lawns. Trump/Pence.

"I just grab them by"." "When you're a star, they let you do it."

As I rode pass one lawn after and another, I thought those signs could have read: Whites Only!

Here, in Trump's Kenosha, otherwise known as America's Kenosha, I sit on a seat in the front of the bus. I walk on whatever side of the street suits me. I shop or eat at any store or restaurant downtown. Whites speak to me, and I speak to them. While the calendar indicates this is 2017, I am sure Rosa Parks would be familiar with the status quo here in the heartland of America. In other words, she would recognize white supremacy not only in the war chants of Richard Spencer and his ilk. But more important, Rosa would recognize the way Black Americans are still expected to inhabit a certain place and to do so in a certain way so as to acknowledge allegiance to the supremacy of whiteness.

When I saw all those "Trump/Pence" signs, I recalled those first few weeks when I arrived at a new campus and a new state. I had taught for over ten years by this time. A white colleague and I stood in a hallway at the university here watching predominantly white students walking to and from their classes. They are unsophisticated. I heard her in this noisy hallway, but I did not ask for an explanation. Instead, I felt as if I were miles away from her and these students. I looked closer at the students. They did not see me! I was somewhere where these young white people did not see me! And when they did, they looked down at the top of my head. Lessons from home mattered! Soon I realized the phrase referenced what was no longer contained as something local. After September 11, 2001, when the narrative of the patriotic full-fledged American made my critical critique of American politics and culture suspect and anti-American that same colleague informed me that I "didn't fit it." And this phenomena was neither local or personal either.

Lenore Daniels: Activist, writer, American Modern Literature, Cultural Theory

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White America's Greatest Delusion: "They Do Not Know It and They Do Not Want to Know It" Tim Wise, AlterNet

  • It is the innocence which constitutes the crime.
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