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Crisis. What Crisis? Profits Soar!

  • "From the first quarter of this year, corporate profits have shot up between twenty to over a hundred percent."
  • The jobs emergency
  • The Forgotten Foreclosure Crisis

James Petras, Axis of Logic

While progressives and leftists write about the “crises of capitalism”, manufacturers, petroleum companies, bankers and most other major corporations on both sides of the Atlantic and Pacific coast are chuckling all the way to the bank.

From the first quarter of this year, corporate profits have shot up between twenty to over a hundred percent, (Financial Times August 10, 2010, p. 7).  In fact, corporate profits have risen higher than they were before the onset of the recession in 2008 (Money Morning March 31, 2010).  Contrary to progressive bloggers the rates of profits are rising not falling, particularly among the biggest corporations (Consensus Economics, August 12, 2010).  The buoyancy of corporate profits is directly a result of the deepening crises of the working class, public and private employees and small and medium size enterprises.



The jobs emergency, Robert Reich, Robert Reich

  • Twelve thousand new jobs in July -- when 125,000 are needed monthly just to keep up with population growth, when more than 15 million Americans are out of work, and when more than a half-million more state and local jobs are on the chopping block.
  • Predictably, Washington's latest rescue effort falls woefully short
  • U.S. Experiencing Worst Episode of Prolonged Unemployment Since Great Depression
  • An aid package to the states to prevent layoffs was funded by cutting the federal food stamp program.

The Forgotten Foreclosure Crisis, Think Progress

  • Without more intervention, the housing market will continue its 'slow motion' adjustment that will continue to inhibit economic growth and drag down consumer spending.
  • Foreclosures Rise with Unemployment
  • Homeowners' Rebellion: Could 62 Million Homes Be Foreclosure-Proof?


The 'Professional Right' Goes Unchallenged by 'Amateur Left' in the White House

Keith Olbermann Special Comment, Countdown, MSNBC, in Common Dreams

In a Special Comment, Countdown’s Keith Olbermann explains to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs that while his frustration is understandable, it is more appropriately directed at the “professional right” and at the Obama administration itself for throwing out so many principles in an effort to compromise with an unwilling partner.



Common Nonsense: Glenn Beck and the Triumph of Ignorance ~ Alexander Zaitchik

How we, as progressives, engage with a population that yearns for this non-existent version of America, particularly when so many of our citizens are in economic crisis, is something that Common Nonsense can at least begin to help us with. Glenn Beck and his appeal, no matter how ridiculous we may find it, is most certainly real. This sensational book is a great place to start exploring the phenomenon.

Book review by Susan Gardner, Daily Kos

Glenn Beck, perhaps more than any other figure on the conservative right, presents a dilemma for movement progressives: Is it bad politics for us to take him seriously? Are we merely giving him more oxygen by giving him attention, feeding his popularity by highlighting his extremism? Is fact-checking his numerous distortions and outright lies worth the effort? Surely, we think, anyone rational can see his buffoonery, and those who would be convinced by any fact check already are not believing him. And yet his camp followers won’t be switching any allegiances based on anything Media Matters—or, for that matter, neutral traditional media outlets--debunks. So what’s the point?

Well, the main point for journalist Alexander Zaitchik in his excellent critical biography Common Nonsense, is that Beck is tying into a dark side of America that’s been with us for a long, long time, combining the fan-flaming of Elmer Gantry and Billy Sunday with the mushy, god-based, red-white-and-blue streak of reactionarianism that rejects modernism and embraces an America that never, ever was. It’s not so much Beck's getting history so very wrong that is so disturbing—it’s that so many Americans are eagerly egging him on, seemingly begging to be brought into his Very American Fantasy.



Republicans are at it again

  • They were lying then (about Social Security) and they're lying now.
  • Add your name and tell Congress "Hand Off Social Security."
  • Top 5 Social Security Myths
  • Five myths about the Bush tax cuts

Jim Dean, Democracy for America

The Deficit Commission is the most dangerous threat Social Security has ever faced. Republicans stacked the bipartisan commission with right-wingers who've spent their careers trying to kill Social Security -- and Congress has promised to fast-track the Commission's recommendations.

These right-wingers are spreading the same myths they did during George Bush's privatization scheme, saying Social Security is in crisis, it's going bankrupt, and it's adding to the deficit.

They were lying then and they're lying now.

Social Security works and has worked for 75 years. Right now, the Social Security Trust Fund has a surplus of over $2.5 trillion. That surplus is projected to grow to $4.3 trillion by 2023.

Republicans are spreading lies about Social Security and it's up to us to stop them. Join us in standing strong for Social Security -- no cuts, no raising the retirement age. Sign our pledge today and send a clear message to Congress and candidates for Congress -- Hands off Social Security.

Hands off Social Security -- Join us and sign the pledge right now.

In 2005, I had the great honor of working with DFA members across the country to beat back Republicans and help save Social Security. But Republicans in Washington never change and Social Security is under attack again.

These right-wing Republicans on the Deficit Commission have pulled out the old Bush playbook. They're working to end Social Security as we know it -- cutting benefits and raising the retirement age all in the name of "deficit reduction."

To that, we say not just "no" but "Hell No!"

Add your name and tell Congress "Hand Off Social Security."

We're not pulling any punches in our campaign to save Social Security. We're organizing DFA members across the country to sign the pledge, call Congress, and knock on doors to organize their friends and neighbors. We'll do whatever it takes to keep right-wing Republicans and Corporate Democrats from ending Social Security as we know it.

Thank you for everything you do.


Top 5 Social Security Myths, Nita Chaudhary, Political Action
We've put together a list of the top five myths about Social Security, along with the real story.

Five myths about the Bush tax cuts, William G. Gale, Star Tribune | MN

  • A gloomy economic outlook...has given rise to a number of stubborn myths about what extending the Bush tax cuts would -- or wouldn't -- do.
  • Tax the rich more. (They can take it.)
  • Trickle Down Economics doesn't work
  • Top 5 Social Security Myths