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Special Project | One Big Thing: Students Protest the Gun Culture, Shootings; Demand Action

One Big Thing: Student Protests * Gun control walkout: Teens protest around the country by leaving schools * Right wing pundits attack student survivors of mass shooting, and Donald Trump Jr approves; * America's youth is sick of shootings. It's time to let them lead the way. * Marco Rubio almost got away with his routine. Then he met Cameron Kasky

Compiled by David Culver, Ed., Evergreene Digest Now you can follow Evergreene Digest on Twitter.


February 22, 2018 |

One Big Thing: Student Protests, Countable 

2/21/2018 | Students around the country are walking out of school in response to an online call to mobilize for gun control. Hundreds of students in Broward County, FL, the location of the Parkland shooting, took to the streets, while others marched on the Florida state capitol. Large groups of students in Maryland marched towards the U.S. Capitol. At the same time, some students in Texas were told they'd be suspended if they left school. Read about the various protests and see footage of the marches.

Gun control walkout: Teens protest around the country by leaving schools, Nicole Karlis, Salon
02.21.2018From Florida to Maryland, students are rallying together in solidarity with Marjory Stoneman Douglas survivors

Right wing pundits attack student survivors of mass shooting, and Donald Trump Jr approves, Mark Sumner, Daily Kos
Tuesday Feb 20, 2018 | The students of  Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida have proven to be compelling when they tell the story of the mass slaughter at their school, articulate when they voice their frustration at how this problem has only gotten worse over their lifetimes, forceful in refusing to be silenced by those supposedly more powerful, and determined that those who died at their school are not going to have fallen in vain. So naturally, they’re under attack from the right.

Therese Gachnauer, center, a 18 year old senior from Chiles High School and Kwane Gatlin, right, a 19 year old senior from Lincoln High School, join fellow students protesting gun violence on the steps of the old Florida Capitol in Tallahassee, Fla., Feb. 21, 2018.(Credit: AP/Mark Wallheiser)

America's youth is sick of shootings. It's time to let them lead the way, Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, Guardian
Wednesday, February 21, 2018 | Since Columbine, more than 150,000 primary or secondary school students have experienced a school shooting. Enough is enough.


Marco Rubio almost got away with his routine. Then he met Cameron Kasky, Richard Wolffe, The Guardian
Thursday, February 22, 2018 | The Florida senator is a talented politician, but he met his match in a 17-year-old who called him out over NRA cash


Parkland School Shooting Survivors Announce National ‘March For Our Lives," Compiled by David Culver , Ed., Evergreene Digest. shooting survivor Cameron Kasky asks Senator Marco Rubio to reject NRA money – video

  • Part 1: Parkland School Shooting Survivors Announce National ‘March For Our Lives’.
  • “This is about us begging for our lives.”
  • Part 2: Parkland Students Go After Rick Scott, Rubio, Paul Ryan As NRA Enablers.
  • (Parkland Students') rage is so … raw it might even effect change in this sick culture.


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28 People Who Prove Our Education System Is Failing

Reddit | Cnoordz

"Stay in school" is common advice that kids receive, but after seeing these people who are a product of our school system, I'm starting to think that we should just give up and not even bother with a formal education. Take a look at these pictures to see what I'm talking about.

dalton.lemert, Diply 1. If this guy is in charge of returning his phone, I don't think Adam has any hope of getting it back. I wonder how long it took for him to realize his mistake. a 5nd time.

It's her 4rd time? I wonder what went wrong with the 1rd, 2st, and 3th times she tried piercing her nose. Hopefully she won't have to do it a 5nd time.

dalton.lemert : Diply contributor

Full story … 

After the rescue: what does the future hold for California's Turpin children?


Trauma experts are divided over the prospects of the 13 children who escaped alleged parental abuse – but recent survival stories offer some hope.

Rory Carroll, Guardian Now you can follow Evergreene Digest on Twitter.


Sat 20 Jan 2018  | The 13 siblings are safe now, ensconced in the folds of California’s medical care, and it is their parents’ turn to be shackled.

A family that inhabited its own secluded world in a tile-roofed suburban house, a world of alleged violence, suffering and depravity, suddenly faces two very different paths. Rory Carroll is a west coast correspondent based in Los Angeles for Guardian US.

Full story … André ChungRelated:

How America Outlawed Adolescence, Amanda Ripley, the Atlantic

  • At least 22 states make it a crime to disturb school in ways that teenagers are wired to do. Why did this happen?
  • Related: From the Archives | Where Do We Draw the Line When It Comes to Zero Tolerance in Schools?

Series | Student Debt Slavery: Time to Level the Playing Field, Part 2

Historically, debt and austerity have been used as control mechanisms for subduing the people. It is time for the people to unite and take back their power. Evergreene Digest Editor's Note: This is the second in a two-part article on the debt burden America’s students face. Read Part 1 here.

Ellen Brown, Truthdig

Jan 6, 2018 | The lending business is heavily stacked against student borrowers. Bigger players can borrow for almost nothing, and if their investments don’t work out, they can put their corporate shells through bankruptcy and walk away. Not so with students. Their loan rates are high and if they cannot pay, their debts are not normally dischargeable in bankruptcy. Rather, the debts compound and can dog them for life, compromising not only their own futures but the economy itself.

“Students should not be asked to pay more on their debt than they can afford,” said Donald Trump on the presidential campaign trail in October 2016. “And the debt should not be an albatross around their necks for the rest of their lives.” But as Matt Taibbi points out in a December 15 article, a number of proposed federal changes will make it harder, not easier, for students to escape their debts, including wiping out some existing income-based repayment plans, harsher terms for graduate student loans, ending a program to cancel the debt of students defrauded by ripoff diploma mills, and strengthening “loan rehabilitation” – the recycling of defaulted loans into new, much larger loans on which the borrower usually winds up paying only interest and never touching the principal. The agents arranging these loans can get fat commissions of up to 16 percent, an example of the perverse incentives created in the lucrative student loan market. Servicers often profit more when borrowers default than when they pay smaller amounts over a longer time, so they have an incentive to encourage delinquencies, pushing students into default rather than rescheduling their loans. It has been estimated that the government spends $38 for every $1 it recovers from defaulted debt. The other $37 goes to the debt collectors. Ellen Brown <> is an attorney, chairman of the Public Banking Institute, and author of twelve books including "Web of Debt" and "The Public Bank Solution."

Full story … 


Series | Student Debt Slavery: Bankrolling Financiers on the Backs of the Young, Part 1, Ellen Brown, Truthdig 

The exponential rise in college costs occurred only after the government got into the student loan business in a big way.


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