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The False Debate on Homelessness

  • Homelessness is the natural result of a system that makes some fantastically wealthy and others desperately poor.
  • Why wealthy Americans’ delusions about the poor are so dangerous
  • John Steppling | Hollywood, the Police and the Poor

Amien Essif, Jacobin homeless man in a New York City train station. Euan / Flickr

2.2.16 | Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio just can’t get along.

Shortly after the New Year, Cuomo, New York’s governor, issued an executive order mandating that New York City transport homeless people sleeping outside in sub-freezing temperatures to shelters.

In response, Mayor de Blasio’s administration announced that, regardless of weather conditions, the police can’t expel people from public property — and that if they bring them to a shelter, they can’t make them stay. “To forcibly remove all homeless individuals in freezing weather, as the governor has ordered,” de Blasio spokeswoman Karen Hinton said, “will require him to pass state law.”

Amien Essif is a regular contributor to In These Times whose work has also appeared in the Guardian and CounterPunch.

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Why wealthy Americans’ delusions about the poor are so dangerous, David Sirota, Salon

  • Regressive state and local tax policies don’t just harm the working class -- they can ruin entire economies.
  • The False Debate on Homelessness


John Steppling | Hollywood, the Police and the Poor, John Steppling,  Truthout / Rise Up Times

Urban spaces are racialized. In spite of the gentrification processes displacing the racialized poor and working classes, it has become very difficult to negate the continued disenfranchisement, incarceration, and killing of black and brown bodies.