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Gender & Sexuality

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International Woman's Day: When women succeed, we all win.

  • When women do better, economies do better. That’s why Facebook is celebrating women who have built and run businesses, and delivering resources to help those who might one day do so themselves.
  • Because the next successful entrepreneur could be anyone. She could even be you.

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March, 2017 | On International Women's Day, we're sharing inspiration and knowledge from all over the globe. Watch Facebook Live broadcasts by influential leaders, public figures and NGOs in this incredible one-day event.

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The Real Reason Republicans Keep Pushing Transgender Bathroom Bans

GOP politicians are  devoting a lot of thought to seats ― but not toilet seats, legislative seats. These discriminatory bills don’t protect citizens, they protect politicians. Here’s how.

Matt Baume, Huffington Post To stay on top of important articles like these, sign up here to receive the latest updates from all reader supported Evergreene Digest. | Bathroom bills have been popping up in state after state — you know, the laws that say transgender people can’t use a bathroom unless it matches their birth certificate. In other words, you can’t pee unless you show your toilet papers.

Why are we suddenly seeing so many of these? The politicians pushing them claim that they just want to protect people. And you know what? They’re right ― stopping trans people from using the bathroom will protect people. But not the people they say.

Lawmakers claim that their bills will stop predators, and protect children.

Matt Baume: Seattle-based writer & storyteller

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Advocates launch multi-state legal challenge against abortion restrictions, lambast congressional 'witch hunt' against providers, more

  • Key stakeholders in women's health praise a legal challenge against abortion restrictions in three states, blast a congressional panel targeting abortion providers and more.
  • "We are going to fight back state by state and law by law until every person has the right to pursue the life they want, including the right to decide to end a pregnancy." -- Raegan McDonald-Mosley, chief medical officer at Planned Parenthood, discussing three lawsuits filed by the organization and other advocacy groups against abortion restrictions in Missouri, North Carolina and Alaska. In the lawsuit, the advocacy groups cited the Supreme Court's continued affirmation of women's right to abortion care, as well as the high court's recent ruling in Whole Woman's Health vs. Hellerstedt, which struck down medically unnecessary abortion restrictions in Texas (Women's Health Policy Report, 12/1).
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Women's Health Policy Report, National Partnership for Women and Families with real independence and integrity is a rare thing. All reader supported Evergreene Digest relies - exclusively!- on reader donations. Click on the donation button above to make a contribution and support our work. 8, 2016 | "This purely partisan witch-hunt against researchers and doctors has caused affirmative harm." -- Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.), the top liberal lawmaker on a panel targeting abortion providers, discussing a report released by the panel's liberal members. The report refutes claims made by conservative members and criticizes how conservative lawmakers have conducted their investigation. For instance, the report debunked claims that abortion providers profited from fetal tissue donations and found that conservative lawmakers issued 42 subpoenas in violation of House rules, among other allegations (Women's Health Policy Report, 12/6).

"The majority of Americans, including [President-elect Donald] Trump's own voters, support access to health care at Planned Parenthood and want abortion to stay legal and safe." -- Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, pledging to keep the organization open amid conservative lawmakers' plans to defund Planned Parenthood next year. Propelled in part by Trump's election, conservative lawmakers in 2017 plan to target Planned Parenthood funding, ban abortion care at 20 weeks, make the Hyde Amendment permanent and ensure conservative appointments to the Supreme Court (Women's Health Policy Report, 11/30).

Credit Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Women's Health Policy Report is a publication of the National Partnership for Women and Families. Founded in 1971 as the Women’s Legal Defense Fund, the National Partnership for Women & Families is a nonprofit, nonpartisan 501(c)(3) organization located in Washington, D.C. Today, we promote fairness in the workplace, reproductive health and rights, access to quality, affordable health care, and policies that help women and men meet the dual demands of work and family.

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Special Project | The War on Women- Is Donald Trump’s Cabinet Anti-Woman? Susan Chira, New York (NY) Times / National Partnership for Women

Consider their positions on these issues.



Special Project | Hatewatch- The Terrorists Among Us, William Saletan, Slate <>

  • Forget Syria. The most dangerous religious extremists are migrants from North and South Carolina.
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‘I won’t be part of a white-woman kumbaya march’: Portland NAACP drops support of anti-Trump protest

Women protesting Donald Trump (Lucy Westcott)

  • Women’s marches across the country, including the march in Washington, D.C. — also scheduled the day after Trump’s inauguration — have received similar criticism about a lack of inclusion. Organizers of the Washington march have since released a platform of guiding and defining principles that seek to make the movement inclusive of a variety of issues women face.
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Erin Corbett, Raw Story Jan 2017 | Portland’s Women’s March against President-elect Donald Trump has been criticized as a march for white women, leading the NAACP of Portland to drop its endorsement of the march, the Willamette Week reports.

“I didn’t want to be part of the march if it was going to be a white-woman kumbaya march,” the group’s president Jo Ann Hardesty said of the march, which will be held on Jan. 21 along with other women’s marches across the country.

Erin Corbett is a New York-based journalist, originally from Chicago. Her writing interests include immigration, detention, national security, and reproductive justice.

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Unexpected Alliances, Alexander Posekian, Left Side of History deserve a chance at better lives, actual equality, and work that offers fulfillment and dignity. So we must resist Trump, and we must look toward creating a future where the conditions that facilitated his rise to power no longer exist.