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Gender & Sexuality

Boys Today Aren’t Getting Enough Time Around Men

Is it any wonder that there's a lack of good men?

Daniel Lattier, Intellectual Takeout Now you can follow Evergreene Digest on Twitter <>. 28, 2016 | A basic premise of the apprenticeship model is that people best learn by example.  

Thus, if you want to become a skilled piano player, you study for years under a virtuoso. If you want to be a good electrician, you work under a master electrician for a period of time.

And if you want your boy to grow up to be a good man, he should spend a large portion of his childhood years around good men.

Daniel Lattier is the Vice President of Intellectual Takeout. He has a Ph.D. in Systematic Theology and during his doctoral studies, he served as an adjunct professor, spoke at a number of academic conferences, and published articles in peer-reviewed journals.

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Yes, Disney princess culture is influencing your daughters—and your sons

  • Stereotypical female behavior, as modeled by the characters, is seen as a negative for girls—but good for boys.
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Mary Elizabeth Williams, Salon To stay on top of important articles like these, sign up here to receive the latest updates from all reader supported Evergreene Digest. (Credit: Fotos593 via Shutterstock

Tuesday, Jun 28, 2016 | If you’re looking for further evidence that the constant deluge of princess ephemera being aimed directly at your daughters has a effect, a new study out of Brigham Young University will confirm your dark fears. But then it gets complicated. Because it affects your sons, too.

As KJ Dell’Antonia writes this week in the New York Times, a study of nearly two hundred boys and girls aged 5 to 6 revealed that “higher princess involvement (through toys, products and media consumption) over the course of a year was associated with higher levels of female gender-stereotypical behavior at the end of the study.” But for girls, that stereotypical behavior — “quiet play, pretend cooking and cleaning, and avoiding risks, getting dirty or trying new things” — has more negative, “potentially problematic” associations, while for boys, “becoming more feminine is becoming more well-rounded.” How’s that for a stacked deck, am I right, ladies?

Mary Elizabeth Williams is a staff writer for Salon <>and the author of "A Series of Catastrophies & Miracles."

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The Beauty Myth ~ Naomi Wolf, Described in Goodreads 

“…When we quietly go about our business as our rights are plundered, when we yield to passivity and switch on the wii and hand over our power, we are not acting like true Americans. Indeed, at those moments we are giving up our citizenship.”


Save Your Sympathy. You Are The Problem.

  • If you really want to make sure this doesn’t happen again, you must finally recognize the link between a cultural climate that demonizes LGBTQ people and the attacks against them that inevitably follow.
  • If you can’t do that, please, have some respect for the fallen and say nothing at all.

C.J. Prince, Huffington Post Platt Via Getty Images 

06/20/2016 | In the aftermath of the Orlando massacre, Utah Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox attended a vigil for the victims and gave a speech, which soon went viral, in which he apologized for his past homophobic behavior and thanked the LGBTQ community for being patient with him while he evolved. He later said in an interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell:

“I think it’s pretty sad that a speech by a Lieutenant Governor in Utah is getting this much attention just by saying we should love each other. How low is the bar in our country?”

C.J. Prince: Writer, activist, mom and executive director of North Jersey Pride

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The Deadly Plague Of Homophobia, Justin Utle, Huffington Post

Religious convictions are not allowed as an excuse for violence.

The Deadly Plague Of Homophobia

Religious convictions are not allowed as an excuse for violence.

Justin Utle, Huffington Post Now you can follow Evergreene Digest on Twitter. Photo/Rick Bowmer 

06/22/2016 | I was raised in Utah as a Mormon, in a strict, prescribed religion and culture that dominates the state. Like Islam and most religions, there is much good in Mormonism, including teachings of peace, free will and kindness. But there also exists self-righteousness, racial superiority, discrimination and sometimes hatred by people who claim to speak and act for the will of their God.

And there is also another doctrinal belief that many Muslims and Mormons share: That homosexuality is repugnant, a sin that deteriorates the family and is worthy of excommunication and exclusion from the one true path to God.

And if you “reject” that one true path, you are damned.

Justin Utley: Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter and Human Rights Advocate. Celebrated LGBT Icon and Ex-Gay Therapy Survivor. As seen on TV.

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