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Seventeen Reasons to Vote Democratic


  • Considering the readership here, I focused on Democrats, but most of the items on this list could also apply to Republicans. There's only one party in DC -- the corporatist party.
  • Chris Hedges: America's Electoral Farce

Rob Kall, OpEdNews



Submitted by Evergreene Digest Contributing Editor Jim Fuller.

No%20Republicrats.jpg7/29/2015 | 1- You want to feel less guilty about how screwed up the USA is. Voting Democratic doesn't make hardly any difference, but you've convinced yourself that it does.

2-It's the Liberal thing to do.

3- You like a president who orders thousands of killings by drones.

4- You support a president who has prosecuted more Whistleblowers than all other presidents combined.

Rob Kall is executive editor, publisher and website architect of, Host of the Rob Kall Bottom Up Radio Show (WNJC 1360 AM), and publisher of, President of Futurehealth, Inc, and an inventor. He is also published regularly in the

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America's Electoral Farce, Chris Hedges, Truthdig

  • Every action we take now must be directed at ripping down the structures of the corporate state. This means refusing to co-operate. It means joining or building radical mass movements. It means carrying out sustained acts of civil disobedience,
  • Only in America? The False Dichotomy Between Movement Building and Electoral Politics
  • The Sanders Trap


Sanders’ dodge on Black Lives Matter


Democratic Party presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has little to offer in the way of solutions to police brutality and racism.

Socialist Worker / The Peace Resource 

Coffee%20%26%20Paper%20Graphic.jpgJournalism with real independence and integrity is a rare thing. All reader supported Evergreene Digest relies - exclusively!- on reader donations. Click on the donation button above to make a contribution and support our work. 5, 2015 | “Bernie assures us that he’ll “make sure that kids are in schools, and not in jails” which sounds an awful lot like he’s placing the burden of responsibility for police brutality on the individual being victimized–a right-wing talking point. A meaningfully “left” candidate ought to have used this time to talk about the cops themselves, the structural nature of the problem, and how racialized social control operates. It’s as if the real problem for Bernie Sanders was that on April 12, Freddie Gray (aka “Black suspect” in Bernie’s lingo, since he doesn’t mention Freddie Gray’s name once) wasn’t at school or work- not that he was arrested for walking while Black. Somehow Bernie managed to completely avoid talking meaningfully about police brutality, mass incarceration, the war on drugs, militarized policing and a broken judicial system while giving us his “thoughts” on Baltimore. Bernie has no answers for #BlackLivesMatter.”

Senator and Democratic Party presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders of Vermont was on Wolf, CNN's 1-2 p.m. dose of Wolf Blitzer on April 30, when Blitzer asked Bernie for his thoughts on Baltimore. What followed was an embarrassingly mainstream right-liberal slew of words from this supposedly "left" candidate. I'll let Bernie put his foot in his mouth.

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Petition: Close the Dark Money Loophole


  • Corporations with MASSIVE government contracts can funnel millions to buy elections -- completely in secret.
  • But President Obama can take action TODAY to stop them.
  • 5O,OOO Signatures Needed → Ask President Obama to close the dark money loophole.
  • Bill Moyers Essay: The End Game for Democracy

End Citizens United

Submitted by Evergreene Digest Contributing Editor Jim Clay Fuller

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Obama%20at%20Desk%20in%20Oval%20Office.jpgWednesday, 15 July, 2015 | Thanks to Citizens United, government contractors can pump unlimited money into elections without disclosure.

But President Obama can deal a serious blow to the dark money infiltrating our elections by taking executive action.

The public has a right to know if government contractors are using our tax dollars to buy off politicians.

That’s why we’re urging the President to use his powers of executive action to require government contractors to disclose political spending.

ake%20Action%20Today%20button.jpgWill you help us reach 5O,OOO strong asking President Obama to unmask political donors?

President Obama can take a meaningful step towards reform today by closing this loophole.

Sign our petition asking the President to require government contractors to disclose their campaign spending.


Bill Moyers Essay: The End Game for Democracy, Bill Moyers, Us

  • Bill Moyers has done some great essays on money in politics corruption in his time, but this might be his finest work to date.
  • The Great American Class War
  • Bill Moyers: Weapons of Mass Distraction—Why the Media Most Americans Consume Is Harmful to the Public Health

11 things the rest of the world does so much better than America

  • When it comes to food waste, vacation time and student loans, the U.S. is anything but a beacon for the free world.
  • Even tiny countries like Ecuador, Nepal and Estonia are kicking our butts in certain areas.
  • 10 Ways America Has Come to Resemble a Banana Republic.

Larry Schwartz, AlterNet

643857a3-654e-4929-99e7-d23028711499.jpgFriday, Jul 10, 2015 | America! Land of the free, home of the brave, and the greatest country on the face of the planet, right? A country with seemingly limitless natural resources, and according to many politicians, anointed by God herself to lead the world out of the wilderness and into a bright new age of liberty and justice for all. Too bad the road to that vision is pockmarked with so many potholes, because we haven’t raised enough taxes on people who can afford to pay to fill them.

Americans, maybe more than anyone on Earth, are guilty of the sin of hubris and excessive pride. As the great Greek poets of the ancient world have taught us, hubris can lead to some really bad outcomes.The reality is that a good portion of the rest of the world has far outpaced the United States in things like healthcare. While the U.S. has painstakingly cobbled together a convoluted insurance-friendly monster called Obamacare (remarkable mostly for how much better it is than what we had), the rest of the developed world enjoys one-payer government healthcare that outperforms the U.S. in both cost and quality of care. The proof is in the pudding; they live longer than Americans.

But healthcare is not the only way America lags behind the rest of the world. Here are 11 things other countries do better than us. 

Larry Schwartz is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer with a focus on health, science and American history.

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10 Ways America Has Come to Resemble a Banana Republic, Alex Henderson, AlterNet 

  • What will it take for America to reverse its dramatic decline?
  • America’s Descent Into Madness
  • Yes, we could change. So why don't we?

Trump: The Nihilist We Deserve


It's not Trump's fault he's popular.  After all, archetypes are merely reflections of culture.  We need folk characters to help us make sense of our surroundings, our values, and our anxieties. By being loud and obnoxious and by having no allegiance to anything resembling the truth, Trump is the perfect personification of politics today.

John E. Price, Huffington Post

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Steve%20Sack%20%7C%20Trump%20Tower.jpg07/17/2015 | When I was 16, my aunt bought me the new Donald Trump book.  It was full of empty anecdotes and meaningless solutions to nonexistent problems.  I think I used it as a doorstop for a while (sorry, Aunt Dee).  I guess I never really took "The Donald" seriously.  In my eyes, he's just an archetype: the charlatan, the swindler, the man whose entire identity is mindless narcissism.  Snake-oil salesmen don't care about the "facts" or "truth," they only care about the next con, the next source of income and fame.  That's Trump's entire past: whether it's business, sports, or his TV shows.  And like any good profiteer, he knows it!


So it has come as no surprise to me that the man who uses illegal immigrant labor while milking legal loopholes is now "running for President" on the backs of those very laborers and those very loopholes.  Every Trump-related headline can be shortened to: "Blowhard says blowhard thing (video at 11)."

John E. Price, Folklorist. Golfer. Baseball cap enthusiast.

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