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J. D. Crowe | Developing Strategy /

J. D. Crowe | Developing Strategy /

The UN’s New Report on Global Warming Is the Most Terrifying Yet


  • The draft report is the latest from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and summarizes earlier reports using “blunter, more forceful language.” Read Justin Gillis’ full article for the Times here.
  • Despite misinformation effort, U.S. is targeting climate change.

John Light, Moyers & Company

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539b4430106101329873005056a9545dBen Sargent 

August 26, 2014 |  The  New York Times and Bloomberg News got a look at a draft of a new UN report on climate change. It’s bleak, to say the least.

From the Times:

Runaway growth on the emission of greenhouse gases is swamping all political efforts to deal with the problem, raising the risk of “severe, pervasive and irreversible impacts” over the coming decades, according to a draft of a major new United Nations report.

Associate Digital Producer John Light blogs and works on multimedia projects for Moyers & Company. Before joining the Moyers team, he was a public radio producer. His work has been supported by grants from The Nation Institute Investigative Fund and the Alfred I. duPont-Columbia Awards, among others.

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Despite misinformation effort, U.S. is targeting climate change, Frances Beinecke, Las Vegas (NV) Sun

The last remaining climate deniers …  had their fun in Las Vegas this week — perhaps the flat earth devotees had similar gatherings in Rome — but their numbers are dwindling rapidly. Despite Heartland’s disinformation campaign, America is no longer debating climate change. We’re now working to solve it.



Memo to Self: Do Not Run for Office


This document confirms every worst suspicion that people tend to have about campaigns.

Mark Leibovich, New York Times Magazine

Thanks to Evergreene Digest reader Wayne Hornicek for this contribution.

mag-17Politics-t_CA0-articleLarge.jpgAugust 12, 2014 | Last month, Eliana Johnson of National Review gained access to a 144-page memo that was prepared by a team of political strategists working for the senate campaign of Michelle Nunn, the Georgia Democrat. Nunn, the daughter of Sam Nunn, the state’s longtime senator, is running against David Perdue, a Republican, to succeed Saxby Chambliss, who is retiring. While I am obviously not smart enough to be a “political strategist” — otherwise I would be paid more — it strikes me as advisable to keep a document like this under wraps, especially when it is so brutally self-critical in places (saying, among other things, that voters might dismiss Michelle Nunn as being a “lightweight,” “too liberal” and “not a ‘real’ Georgian”). Already the document has become fodder for Twitter ridicule and at least one attack ad.

But one campaign’s embarrassment can also yield a windfall of public edification. And the Nunn memo, as it has come to be known in political wiseguy circles, offers a glimpse into the calculations and absurdities that drive modern campaigns. The paper contains no campaign-killing outrages or instances of great malpractice — except that the press got hold of it, and as we learn from the “press plan” section of the memo, “many reporters see their job as getting the candidate to ‘reveal’ what their ‘true’ inclinations” are. And now we have those inclinations in all their glory.

Mark Leibovich, author of “This Town,” is the the New York Times Magazine’s chief national correspondent.

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Cornel West: “(Obama) posed as a progressive and turned out to be counterfeit."

  • Exclusive: Cornel West talks Ferguson, Hillary, MSNBC -- and unloads on the failed promise of Barack Obama
  • We ended up with a Wall Street presidency, a drone presidency”
  • A Strange, Soulless Man And His Utterly Failed Presidency

Thomas Frank, Salon

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/cornel_west2.jpg Cornel West (Credit: Albert H. Teich via Shutterstock

Sunday, Aug 24, 2014 | Cornel West is a professor at Union Theological Seminary and one of my favorite public intellectuals, a man who deals in penetrating analyses of current events, expressed in a pithy and highly quotable way.

I first met him nearly six years ago, while the financial crisis and the presidential election were both under way, and I was much impressed by what he had to say. I got back in touch with him last week, to see how he assesses the nation’s progress since then.

Thomas Frank is a Salon politics and culture columnist. His many books include "What's The Matter With Kansas," "Pity the Billionaire" and "One Market Under God." He is the founding editor of The Baffler magazine.

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A Strange, Soulless Man And His Utterly Failed Presidency, John Chuckman,

  • We perhaps can never know what has motivated Obama’s behavior as President.  Is he, as some in his own party have suggested, simply not up to the job? (Or) is he merely responding to the fact of the awesome power of America’s unelected government? 
  • The Leader Obama Wanted to Become and What Became of Him